iPhone SE 2: First Cover and Launch Date

iPhone SE 2 remains at the center of the rumors and continues to be discussed; the protagonist of these weeks is undoubtedly the “cheap” iPhone from Apple, the device that is about to arrive could be called “iPhone 9 ″, or, “iPhone SE 2”, but although there are still no certainties, the latter will remember very much the design of the past.

iPhone SE 2: First Cover and Launch Date

To date, the probable launch date has been scheduled for March 6, however, today a cover will appear that will be on the market starting from subsequent days, for when will the event be fixed? Apple has not yet released official news, but what emerges is that this iPhone SE 2 the apple has the intention of doing it; As much as it makes sense, or not, iPhone 9 will rank in the mid-range of smartphones, thanks to its price of around $ 399.

Today’s images depict the likely cover that will protect the next iPhone SE, what emerges is that its marketing will be expected to start from March 24thwill this be the real launch date?

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Focusing on the aesthetics, the cover in question is very reminiscent of a design of the old iPhone 6, if not particular details revised in iPhone 8, however, the smartphone will be equipped with the A13 processor (currently on iPhone 11), flanked by 3 GB of RAM, complete with 3D Touch and fingerprint sensor.

Another detail that we can release is dictated by the size of the display, it could be a screen of “only” 4.7 inches. It is to be excluded that Apple decides to introduce the FACE ID also on this type of smartphone.

We will, therefore, find ourselves equipped with a device with modern features, but with a “vintage” aesthetic. We just have to wait for the first confirmation from Apple.

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