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Extend the iPhone 13 battery life 8 simple tricks

iPhone 13 battery life 8 simple tricks

If you have an iPhone 13, you are interested in these tricks to make the battery last longer. Not everyone is happy with the battery life of the new update to iOS 15, but you don’t have to give up on new Apple features to fix it.

As you already know, the iPhone battery protection mechanism has earned them a complaint in France. You can change the region of your mobile to extend its duration at the cost of its useful life, but what if you don’t want to change it? There are more ways to extend the battery life of your iPhone 13!

Restart your iPhone 13

Maybe your mobile is downloading because of something specific like some app is overheating your phone. In that case, it should be fixed by restarting the mobile.

You just have to press the power button until the screen turns off, and then turn it on again. Very easy! Of course, if it does not work to extend the battery, you will have to keep trying options from this list.

Update iOS on your iPhone

Surely you already know that iPhone usually notifies you when there is a system update, but it never hurts to see if there are any available that you have not installed.

It usually happens with updates aimed at solving bugs or errors, as a patch. It may work for you even if the update is not intended to fix battery problems!

Turn off 5G

Although it is very fashionable, indeed, 5G connectivity is not all advantage. That may be what makes your iPhone download faster than normal. There are even studies on it!

Luckily, you can disable it very easily and continue browsing on 4G.

  1. Go to your iPhone Settings.
  2. Enter the option «Mobile data».
  3. Go to “Options” > “Voice and data”.
  4. Choose the “4G” option to disable 5G.

Check the battery usage of the apps

Sometimes some applications use a lot of RAM, that is, they need a lot of resources to function. Nothing happens, but if you leave them on, they can consume an extra battery without you noticing.

Therefore, we recommend you take a look at the battery use of your apps and close the ones that are consuming the most battery .

  1. Enter the Settings app on your mobile.
  2. Choose the “Battery” option.
  3. Scroll down to see which apps are using the most battery.
  4. Click on the one you want to close and click «Close» .

From there, you can also conclude. For example, you can see that, in this case, TikTok is the app that consumes the most battery.

Turn on low power mode

Any smartphone today has a way to save battery, and iPhone was not going to be less! It is very easy to activate it to prevent it from downloading so quickly:

  1. From your iPhone Settings, go to “Battery”.
  2. Choose the “Low Power Mode” option.
  3. Read the information about this configuration and click on “Accept”.

Turn off the function to update apps in the background

iPhone has a very useful function so that, every time you open an app, it is updated to the minute. However, it can start to consume too much battery if you have many apps open or if it is updating every so often.

Therefore, it is best to deactivate this function and refresh the app you want manually when you are going to use it.

  1. Enter the “General” option from your iPhone Settings.
  2. Go to “Background update”.
  3. Click on “Background update” again.
  4. Choose the “No” option to disable this feature.

Downgrade to iOS 14

Did you know that you can go back to the previous version of iOS if you think that the new one is giving you problems? It is very simple!

Reset your iPhone settings

This may be the most drastic option, but if nothing has worked for you, it may be better to reset your mobile settings.

Yes indeed! Doing this will erase your Bluetooth-connected devices and your saved WiFi connection, so keep your password handy.

With any of these options, the most likely thing is that you have already solved the download problem you have. There are also tricks like using the black background of the iPhone to save battery, but they are not going to be a significant change.

And if not, maybe it is best to go to the technical service of your nearest Apple store to take a look, since the battery may have some type of damage.

We hope we have helped you!

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