Rom for Sony XZ2 Premium Japan

Instructions on how to install international ROM H8116 for Sony XZ2 Premium for Japanese devices AU code SOV38 and DOCOMO also do the same.


  • SO-04k DOCOMO
  • SOV38 AU
  • Android OS 10
  • Can’t use NFC.


International Firmware

  • Requires computer to have more than 10GB of free space.
  • Requires battery at 40% or higher for safety.

Instructions to install Global Firmware on Sony XZ2 Premium:

1. Install Xperia Companion on your computer to receive Drive of Sony devices.

2. Install ADB drive so that the computer can receive the ADB command from CMD on the computer ( reboot the computer after installation ). (If installed before, you can skip it)

3. Power off the phone, Press, and hold the volume down key at the same time to block the connection cable between the phone and the computer until the notification light turns green.

4. Start using WINRAR or 7Zip to extract the ROM file to a folder as shown below.

extract the rom file


5. Right-click on the newflasher.exe file and select Run as administrator.

Run as administrator

6. After launching newflasher.exe, you will have a CMD interface like this, then type the letter ” N ” in lowercase, then press Enter to change the step.


7. Next, type the letter ” N ” in lowercase, then press Enter to move forward.

Enter to move forward

8. And this step is still to type the letter ” N ” in lowercase, then press Enter to change the step.

9. Here the tools start running the pre-programmed commands, but after a while, it will continue to ask for 1-2 minutes and you will type the letter ” N ” in lowercase, then press Enter to move forward


10. And after this time the tools will run for a long time.

11. Here is the process of installing the international ROM already completed.

installing the international ROM already completed

Now you press Enter and then disconnect the cable connected to the phone, press the power key to turn the device on.
The first booting process takes about 10 minutes.

Note: Some devices will have a black screen when starting up for the first time, only a red notification light will be displayed, just wait for 5-10 minutes for the device to start up. It’s ok, no problem.

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