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Intel praises Windows and launches the most obvious criticism of Apple’s Macs

Intel compared Windows to Apple’s Mac system, pointing to the former as ideal for gaming and the latter as not even comparable. Furthermore, the company has also placed side by side a new system with an Intel chip and another with Apple’s M1.

The technology has publicly attacked Apple computers claiming that they are a leap away from Windows machines when it comes to supporting games. It was one of the most obvious statements of recent years, without it being due to the superiority of Intel processors.

Intel is “happy” to burn bridges with former partner Apple.

Apple MacOS Intel Windows

That is, despite it being obvious that Microsoft’s Windows is the platform of choice by gamers and the industry. gaming, the reason for this is not Intel’s advantage over Apple in processor production and development. The motivation lies in the x86 system architecture, as well as the tradition and habit that has brought most game programmers on the Microsoft side.

As if that wasn’t enough, Intel also came to compare the performance between a PC and a MacBook Pro, but both were powered, in this case, by Intel itself. The company is now going on the attack, but perhaps the focus was wrong.

This is the first major public push by Intel since Apple broke away from it. Indeed, we’ve seen an enthusiastic makeover being applied by Apple to its products, applying the Apple M1 to Mac computers and even the iPad Pro.

Being taken by surprise, Intel was slow to react, but it did so now, attacking Apple’s bad credentials with the gaming industry. The piece advanced by publication PCGamer points to Intel as “very happy” to burn the bridges with the old partner.

More than half of current games are not available on MacOS

Apple MacOS Intel

This concussion was supported by several facts that are somewhat common knowledge. Intel claims, for example, that more than half of current games are not available for MacOS. The list above illustrates this rather obvious but true premise.

Again, this point made by Intel is factual, something that any gamer can confirm. However, this situation is because most games are designed to run on Windows x86, an old trend among developers.

Even though some of the games will gain compatibility with Apple’s MacOS or Linux, the industry has made Microsoft’s platform a priority. One status quo that goes back over two decades with the popularity of Windows.

That is, whoever buys a Mac, or any computer from Apple doesn’t do it to play games. The priority of this type of consumer, as a general rule, rests on the productivity, stability, and simplicity of use of the operating system.

MacBook can’t keep up with Windows laptops

Intel Windows

Intel goes further. Above we see the graph comparing a 16-inch MacBook Pro notebook with an Intel Core i9-9980HK chip (in red) vs a Windows notebook with an Intel Core i5-11400H processor (in blue). Both use Intel chipsets.

The graph shows us the performance of both machines in different game situations. Titles include GRID, War Thunder, Hitman 3, and Far Cry New Dawn. The results show a clear prevalence of the Windows notebook with the Intel i5.

Note, therefore, that Intel did not take into account the new Apple Silicon processor, the M1. Instead, he compared a notebook with a MacOS operating system and an Intel Core i9 9980HK / Radeon Pro 5600M processor with a Windows notebook.

The comparison shows us an Intel vs Intel chip and not Apple’s M1

Apple Intel MacOS

It would, however, be quite interesting to see a direct comparison between a notebook with the Apple M1 and a comparable processor from Intel. Instead, Intel points out that even most “creative” users also want to play.

In summary, we lack an Intel vs M1 comparison. Then yes, we could get something more tangible from these metrics that add little to the consumer.

Not that this would change gamers’ preference for the Windows platform, but it would clarify the performance differences between both platforms.

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