How To Install XCIPTV on Fire TV Stick – EASY Guide

XCIPTV on Fire TV Stick

XCIPTV is a great app to watch IPTV on Amazon Fire TV Stick. Here’s how to download and install XCIPTV on your Fire TV Stick. The new super article is for YourLifeUpdated readers, especially for those who own the amazing Amazon Fire TV Stick. In this article, as anticipated, we see how to download and install XCIPTV on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

What is XCIPTV on Fire TV Stick for?

XCIPTV is one of the best programs to read, upload and play IPTV lists on many devices, including the Amazon stick. It is important to note that XCIPTV does NOT contain any IPTV lists: it is just a player, which plays a list that you must already own or buy separately.

XCIPTV is like a “DVD player”: it plays the DVD and is the best in its field, but you have to buy the DVD.

Having said that, let’s move on to installing the program.

How to download and install XCIPTV on Fire TV Stick

Follow these simple steps:

  • turn on the Fire TV Stick
  • go to Settings and choose  My Fire TV  or  Device
  • Click on Information
  • Click 7 times on the name of your device. A message will appear informing you that developer mode has been activated
  • go back and you will see that on the previous My Fire TV page you will see the new  Developer Options entry. Click on it
  • look for the  Applications for Unknown Sources entry and activate it by clicking on OFF. A  warning message  will warn you of the risks, but proceed by enabling them
  • at this point, you can  install XCIPTV manually using the  Downloader program
  • IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT YET, you need to download the  Downloader application from the Amazon Application Store. To do that click on the  Search (magnifying glass) and look for the Downloader app. Once found, install it by clicking on it
  • Once the  Downloader app is installed, launch it
  • in the central box (where the URL http:// is written) you must write the following:  35088
  • on the page that will open, click on the green Download APK button and, on the next page, click on Download APK again
  • wait for the app to download and then install it
  • finally, click on Finish and then on Delete to complete the installation and delete the APK file you have downloaded, so as to free up space in the memory stick
  • now you will find in My Apps you will find XCIPTV among the apps installed on your Fire TV Stick



Done: You are now ready to enjoy XCIPTV on Fire TV Stick on your stick. It was easier than expected, right?

Do you need an IPTV list of free-to-air channels to watch with XCIPTV?

NOTE: the list ONLY includes free-to-air channels, the classic ones of digital terrestrial, therefore absolutely free. You will NOT find paid channels (such as those of SKY), which are absolutely illegal.

Doubts or questions?

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