How to install Bizum and link it to your account

install Bizum and link it to your account

Bizum is the “new” mobile payment method that is in fashion because it allows you to make payments easily, instantly, and without commissions involved. It is compatible with almost all banks in the country and prevents you from having to ask the person you want to send money to for the IBAN. It is as easy to use as PayPal, which is why many people, stores, and even NGOs have started using it as their preferred payment method.

Now, everything we mentioned before sounds great, but … is it safe to use Bizum? What risks are run by using this application to make payments from your mobile? To answer these and other questions, we will immediately explain what exactly Bizum is, how it works and what the security of this new payment platform depends on.

What is Bizum and how does it work?

What is Bizum and how does it work

To begin, let’s clarify something: Bizum is not an application. In reality, it is a platform or service that is integrated into the applications of compatible banks. That means that to make payments with Bizum, you don’t need to install any extra application: you just have to activate it from your bank’s application.

This service allows you to send and receive money easily and quickly. It differs from traditional transfers in that the money reaches the destination instantly and there are no commissions charged (regardless of the banking entities involved in the transaction). In addition, it is not necessary to know the IBAN of the account to which you will send the money. With Bizum, all you need to make transfers is the recipient’s phone number.

Of course, both the sender and the recipient must have activated Bizum in their respective bank for the transaction to be possible. When you make a transfer through Bizum, the money will be available in your account immediately and you will receive an SMS notifying you of the amount receivedIt’s that simple! As for the transfer limits, they vary depending on each bank, but generally, it is between 0.50 and 1000 euros per contact. And only 60 transfers are allowed per month.

Is it safe to make payments with Bizum from my mobile?

Is it safe to make payments with Bizum from my mobile

Bizum is basically an option integrated into bank applications. Therefore, it is as safe as the application of your bank. So, yes, Bizum is safe as it is fully backed by the robust security systems of banks. In fact, the entire process of ordering the Bizum transfer and authenticating it is carried out by your bank as it does with a traditional transfer.

When making a payment with Bizum, you will have to use your credentials to access the bank’s app. After passing that first security barrier, you will be asked for a unique password to validate the Bizum operation. This key will be sent to you by the bank every time you try to carry out an operation and it will never be the same. This means that Bizum has two authentication factors as security methods.

In addition to that, Bizum allows you to create a 4-digit PIN to make your purchases in stores faster and with more security. If we add to that that this entire platform is protected by the TLS encryption systems used by banks, there is no doubt that Bizum is a secure payment method.

Can a Bizum be canceled?

Can a Bizum be canceled?

Unfortunately, a Bizum transfer cannot be canceled. This means that if you make a payment to someone else by mistake for Bizum or if you bought something with Bizum and the seller turned out to be a scammer, you practically lose your money since claiming it will be very difficult. It is not as easy to claim as a normal transfer: you will have to call the bank and go through a long bureaucratic process.

Keep in mind that Bizum is a payment method designed to be used by friends, family, trusted stores, and NGOs. If you use it with strangers, you run the risk of being scammed and have a very difficult time getting your money back.

In case you have mistakenly sent money to a stranger, you can call him taking advantage of the fact that you have his number to kindly ask him to send it back to you. In any case, always check the numbers two or three times before making a payment with Bizum and if you are going to buy on sites like Wallapop it is better that you make use of the normal bank transfer or PayPal.

All Bizum Compatible Banks

All Bizum Compatible Banks

Bizum is a payment method that is linked to your bank account (IBAN) and your phone number. It can only be linked to one account and one number. To activate this link, you must first make sure that your bank is compatible with Bizum. At the moment, these are the 26 banks in Spain that allow Bizum to be activated:

A priori, activating, and using Bizum has no additional cost. However, depending on the policies of your bank, they may charge you something. So check with your bank on this issue to avoid surprises.

How to install Bizum and link it to your account

Bizum and link it to your account

Is your bank compatible with Bizum? Then we are going to explain to you how to link this payment method to your bank account to activate it. You don’t need to install anything if you already have your bank’s application installed. If not, search for it on the Google Play Store or App Store by name and download it. Is the bank’s app already installed? Follow these steps now:

  • Open your bank’s app.
  • Log in with your account by entering your online banking credentials.
  • Go to the Bizum section or send/receive money with Bizum.
    • This option is found in different places in each bank’s application, but it is usually in the “payments” or “other operations” section.
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Clever! From this moment on, you can start sending and receiving money through Bizum. By the way, the phone number that you have to share with your acquaintances to receive money through this payment method is the same that is linked to your bank account.

What happens to Bizum if my mobile is stolen or I lose it?

What happens to Bizum if my mobile is stolen or I lose it?

In case of theft or loss of the mobile from which you use Bizum, you should not worry. If a stranger wants to use your mobile to make Bizum payments without your permission, they will have a very difficult time. First, it will have to breach the main security system of your phone: fingerprint, PIN, or password. If you manage to overcome that barrier, then you will need to know your online banking credentials to use Bizum.

Trust us, not even a hacker can easily make unauthorized Bizum transfers from your mobile, so don’t worry. What should you do in this situation? The usual: lock the phone with iCloud (if it is an iPhone) or with Find my device (if it is an Android). Next, erase the data on your mobile remotely with those same apps (if you see that there is no possibility of recovering it), and to top it off, call your mobile operator to block the SIM.

What to do if I get an error when making a transfer with Bizum?

get an error when making a transfer with Bizum?


One of the great advantages of Bizum is that they always send you a confirmation message when you send or receive money correctly. If you get an error when trying to make a transfer, as long as you do not receive a confirmation message advising you that the operation was done, you can try again without problems. They won’t deduct money from your account multiple times or anything like that.

If after several attempts it still gives an error, then contact your bank directly. In case you send money, but your recipient does not receive it, before sending it again, check if the money has been deducted from your account and if you received the confirmation message. If not, please resend it. But if they have already deducted the money and the recipient has not received it yet, send them the proof of shipment and suggest that they contact their bank to solve the problem.

Anyway, we hope this information is useful to you.

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