How to install and use AutoCAD on your Chromebook

AutoCAD on your Chromebook

AutoCAD is the most useful software for architecture students and professionals in the design of spaces in both 2D and 3DAnd also, accessible from platforms like Chromebook very easily!

Next, we reveal how to install the AutoCAD program on your Chromebook with two simple methods. Choose the one you like the most and start designing as usual on your new Chrome laptop without any impediment. Let’s go there!

Use the online version of AutoCAD on your Chromebook laptop

Although there are those who think that Chromebook is not up to the standard of other laptops, the truth is that it has as many functions as Windows and MacOS if you know how to use themFor example, using AutoCAD online on a Chromebook is a breeze!

  1. Log in to your university or company account in AutoDesk and choose the “Online” option.
  2. Once you have the account open, the next time you can enter directly from the URL
  3. Advance in your projects with total comfort. You have access to all the tools of the program!
  4. Save changes to the cloud so you can always share them with your colleagues. You can choose from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, AutoDesk Drive, and AutoDesk Docs.

The web version of AutoCAD for Chromebook works surprisingly well. It is fast to work in 2D and only has a little lag in the most complex 3D projects to, for example, facilitate construction processes in architecture.

It has an interface perfectly adapted to your Chromebook device. In addition to placing all the toolbars in the most ergonomic places, its dark blue design seeks to reduce the color contrast to protect your eyesSay goodbye to screen headaches!

Can AutoCAD be integrated directly into Google Drive?

Yes! You just have to download the AutoCAD web app from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

With this Google Drive extension, you can open files directly in AutoCAD in a matter of seconds: Right-click > “Open with” > “AutoCAD”.

It is not an option as complete as the online version of the software or as the one that we are going to reveal to you now, but it can get you out of more than one trouble.

Download AutoCAD to your Chromebook from Parallels Desktop

Not convinced by the web version of AutoCAD? Do not worry! Just as there are 2 ways to play Stream games on your Chromebook, there are also 2 ways to access this program.

The first is to access the online version of AutoCAD from your browser, and the second is to install AutoCAD from Parallels Desktop, a Windows desktop that you can install on any other operating systemIt works like a Windows emulator for your Chromebook!

  1. Install Parallels Desktop on your Chromebook.
  2. Link a web domain to your Google Workspace account (it could be a .new domain that has been taking over lately).
  3. Enjoy the most functionality of AutoCAD on your laptop.

The best thing about this system to use AutoCAD on Chromebook is that, as it is designed to work as a team, it gives you all the facilities to edit and share your files. It works even without an internet connection!

It lets you switch from Windows to Chrome OS at any time, so you don’t lose any advantages of the native system, and it comes with more than 30 exclusive tools from the Parallel Toolkit.

Of course, keep in mind that this option involves additional costs for the Chromebook Enterprise service, so you have to be careful that it does not go out of budget.

Requirements to install Parallels Desktop on your Chromebook

Being designed for entire companies and departments, the requirements for Parallels Desktop may seem a bit demanding, but they are worth it:

If your Chromebook device meets these installation requirements, you can opt for this way to have AutoCAD without any problem. And if you prefer, you always have the online version!

The important thing is that these two ways to install and use AutoCAD on your Chromebook are functional, practical, and easy to run. Now you just have to choose the one that best suits you.

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