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More and more often lately, we have not been able to see the new posts published on Instagram. When Instagram doesn’t update, in fact, it is impossible to scroll the feed and view the new photos published by our followers. If you have sometimes thought that the problem was up to you, know that you are not alone to experience this hassle.

Self Instagram does not update in fact, the factors on the field can be really many. Server, connection, or simply application problems. The intent of this article is precise to understand what the inconvenience is to solve it.

Instagram does not update: what are the causes?

After having mentioned them at the opening, it is time to see a little more in detail what are the reasons that can cause that Instagram is not working. It is usually nothing irremediable and solving these problems can be relatively simple.

  • Connection error: this is the most common cause for which Instagram does not update. It can happen regardless of the type of connection you use and it is easily solvable.
  • Account sync error: it happens in case you have changed your password or your personal details. In this case, the Instagram feed does not update and always returns the same news to you.
  • Smartphone error: sometimes it can happen that the problem is internal to our smartphone. The reasons can be many and unless you have a really “old” device they can be solved without too much effort.
  • Internal Instagram issues: this is the worst case in which Instagram does not update. Whether it can make you sigh with relief is not up to you or the connection. The bad news is that you can hardly solve it.

Instagram does not update for connection problems

Let’s look at the first case of the Instagram Android update, the one where the Instagram feed does not update for connection problems. This can happen whether you are using the mobile or WiFi network. Let’s try together to see the possible solutions.

To start (we tell you from experience) you could try to deactivate and reactivate your connections. It may seem like a trivial solution, but we guarantee that it has worked more than once. To do it on Android devices just lower the notification curtain on and off for a few seconds data connection or WiFi. You can do the same thing on iOS using the control center.

Another of the causes that can prevent Instagram from updating, lies in your telephone offer. In fact, once the data usage threshold has been reached, all operators will automatically deactivate the connection, preventing you from accessing the web. In this case, you will have to use a connection Wifi until the time of recharging or renewal.

In case even the WiFi does not work, you will have to check that the connection is actually active. To do this, simply use a device other than your smartphone and load one any web page. If it is not loaded the next step is to reset the router. Just turn it off for a few minutes and then turn it on again.

Instagram is not updated due to an account synchronization error

If Instagram no longer works suddenly and your problem does not fall into the above category, it is very likely that it is due to an account sync failure.

This usually happens in case you change the Instagram password from a terminal other than the one we usually use. Do not despair however, the solution is always at hand and you will only have to do it log out from Instagram then log in again.

To carry out this procedure go to your profile page and tap on the three dots at the top right which indicate the options menu.

Here scroll to the bottom of the page that opened and select the item Go out. Then enter again username and password to log in.

Instagram does not update for smartphone problems

This, of the options we have evaluated so far, is the slightly longer one to undertake. If your smartphone is a little dated it is more likely to show up.

The first thing to do is uninstall Instagram. This way you will not lose any of your data and have a completely clean installation at your disposal. To do this on Android, press and hold the app icon until the item appears to uninstall or trash. On iOS instead, you will have to use the 3D Touch above the application and press the X which will appear above it.

Once the app has been deleted, install it from App Store or Play Store and log in again.

It can also happen though that Instagram won’t update because you don’t have a fairly recent version of the Google or Apple software. If you own a device a few years ago it will be very difficult to find updates. If your smartphone is more recent, just follow these steps.

  • Android: go in Settings / Phone Info e select the search item Updates. Usually, this happens automatically but it can happen that the updates are not received by the device.
  • iOS: go to Settings / General / Software Update. If there are updates for iPhone available you will be immediately notified and you can proceed with the installation.

Instagram is not updated for server problems

After so much good news, it’s the right time to get to know the opposite side of the coin. What if Instagram doesn’t update for server problems?

We would like to tell you that there is also a solution for this. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If Instagram servers stop working, the only thing you can do is wait for them to come back online.

To be sure of this fact, you can consult one of the many international sites that monitor the status of social media servers. To make things easier, we have selected the one for you.

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