Indian Government Bans Xiaomi Mi Browser Pro browser

Indian Government Bans Xiaomi Mi Browser

After blocking a large list of Chinese applications, including TikTok, ShareIT, or UC Browser, the Indian government has decided to block the Xiaomi Mi Browser Pro browser.

As a great offensive against Chinese companies, the government of India has decided to block Xiaomi’s quintessential browser. A measure that will not come alone and that in the future will probably expand to more applications from the firm.

This blockade will fully affect millions of users in India since we cannot forget that Xiaomi represents one of the best-selling brands in the country with approximately 30% market share.

Xiaomi will ask for explanations about it

For its part, Xiaomi has made it clear that your Mi Browser Pro browser is not dangerous and that it will not affect the performance of your smartphones. Likewise, the company has made it clear that it will request a clarification of what happened.

Of course, the controversy is once again served, either by privacy issues or the incessant war against China Xiaomi is again present in this “shed” that we hope will not see its level of sales affected or that it will affect others countries.

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