How To install Huawei services (HMS) and the AppGallery store on any Android

install Huawei services

The veto that fell on Huawei by the United States hit the company so much that they had to remove their own mobile services in 2019 to be able to continue launching smartphones. The official name of these services is Huawei Mobile Services or HMS for short, and they are the most serious alternative to GMS (Google’s services that are in almost all Android) that exists until now.

Hence, many people want to test HMS on their Android devices to see what Huawei offers that Google does not. Is it possible to test these services on mobiles that are not from Huawei? Yes, the HMS can be easily installed on any Android mobile or tablet, whatever the brand, since they are available in the very Google Play Store and any APK repository.

Anyway, here we will show you step by step how to correctly install the Huawei Mobile Services on your Android. Of course, before we will explain what these services are for sure and what advantages they offer.

What are Huawei Mobile Services (HMS)?

What are Huawei Mobile Services

As we mentioned before, Huawei mobile services are an alternative to Google services (GMS) created for Huawei phones, although they work on any Android. What do these services do? Well, like those of Google, HMS is a set of functions that are installed on your mobile so that any app that requires them can use them.

Basically, they are a package of tools that applications take advantage of to perform certain functions such as logging in with an account, opening the map within an app, using payment services or notifications. Of course, all this set of functions integrated into the HMS is linked to a Huawei account, so if you do not have one you must create one to use these services.

What are the advantages of using Huawei mobile services?

advantages of using Huawei mobile services

In total, 14 services contain the HMS right now, as well as the store and several apps from the Huawei ecosystem. However, when you install them from the Google Play Store they come without apps. Now, everything we’ve said so far about HMS is primarily of interest to developers. But what advantages does HMS offer users? Why should you install them?

Actually, the only “advantage” of HMS is that they allow you to fully use Huawei’s application ecosystem, which is perfect for those who are tired of the Google ecosystem. When we talk about the ecosystem, we mean all the services and applications (storage, music, payments, themes, assistant, game management, etc.) that Huawei offers for mobile phones. These apps sync and share data with each other to give you a faster, smoother, more intuitive, and more enjoyable experience.

Of course, another advantage of Huawei services for Android mobiles that come without Google is that they allow you to install and use many applications without having Google services (which are not so easy to install). Also, there are a few apps that are only available in Huawei’s AppGallery and that only work on mobiles that have HMS installed.

How to install Huawei services (HMS) and AppGallery store on any Android

AppGallery store on any Android

Installing Huawei services on any Android is extremely easy, as they are available in all Android stores. If your device has Google Play Store, you can install them from this store using the following link:

Download | Huawei Mobile Services APK in APKMirror

Once you install these services, you will need Huawei applications to take advantage of them. Of all those offered by the company, the only one that is really essential (because it allows you to easily download the others) is AppGallery, its app store. This store, due to Google policies, is not available in the Play Store, but you can download its official APK on the Huawei website.

Download | APK from AppGallery on Huawei Official Website

In case you need it, here is a tutorial to install APK files on Android. Anyway, after installing the Huawei store, we recommend that the first thing you do is open it and go to the Management tab. There it updates all the applications and the HMS that will surely have a pending update by Huawei itself.

After doing all this, you can now install and use all the apps you want from the Huawei ecosystem. It should be noted that there is no problem in having Huawei and Google services on the same mobile. You can have both to try the best of both worlds and compare, although sooner or later you will opt for the ecosystem of one … Which one do you prefer?

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