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The 2019 FlagShip, Huawei P30, P30 Pro, with Android-based EMUI 9.0 and upgradeable to Android 10 is receiving major EMUI 10 and 10.1 updates. Huawei has started to distribute a new software update for P30 smartphones. This update mainly includes the February 2021 Security patch, which corrects different levels of exploits and problems to improve the security of the system. The update was released for Chinese consumers and will be available for global models shortly.

About the Huawei P30 series EMUI 11 update: In HDC 2020, Huawei released the latest custom operating system, EMUI 11 based on Android 10. Therefore, the P30 series is eligible to install this update.

What to expect from EMUI 11?

Huawei has started to distribute EMUI 11 for its smartphones, which brings new features, new user interface design, and a whole new experience for fans of the brand. Today we have a guide that explains how to update your Huawei smartphone to this latest version of EMUI.

Before upgrading:

1. Check that the device does not have any pending updates to install, you can do so in Settings> System> Software update. 2. Before starting the update, they must have a strong WiFi connection and we only recommend installing system updates when the battery is at least 50% charged. 3. Verify that you have a minimum of 5 GB of internal storage on the device. 4. Don’t forget to backup your important data to ensure that you lose files during the update process.


How to upgrade to EMUI 11 on your Huawei:

Check the update via Settings: Go to Settings> System> Software update> Check for updates.

Always On Display – Mondrian Style

Always On Display - Mondrian Style

One of the most common requests in Huawei forums and user communities is a more versatile AOD. Having the possibility to have useful information always available is excellent, but users have shown on several occasions that it is important to be able to customize Always On Display to their liking. Huawei listened to the prayers of its users and brings in addition to several animated AOD options, the possibility to customize the AOD with an image of your choice. Simply perfect. I must say that this is not an absolute novelty, Samsung already allowed it in its mythical Galaxy S7
  • Steps: Open the Settings, click on screen and wallpaper, and select Always on Top. 
  • Click on Screen style and choose the Mondrian style in the artistic category. Y
  • ou can choose any layout or color at the bottom of the UI. 
  • The user also has the option to take a photo by clicking on the camera icon or choosing one from the Gallery. Based on your selection, AI will take care of the rest and generate the best color palette.

Always On Display – Personalization

Always On Display - Personalization


  • Open Settings, click on home screen and wallpaper, and select Always on Top.
  •  Click on Screen Style and select the first tab in the Images category.
  • Customize the AOD with any image. Supported formats include still images, animated GIF, and real photos.

Updated Gallery – Aesthetics similar to a magazine

On the Photos tab, you can switch between Month and Day views by pressing the screen with two fingers. A new, more energetic 4: 3 layout is available for the Albums tab. There are also some ways to classify your photos.

Updated Gallery - Aesthetics similar to a magazine

One Take Transition

The animation mechanism has been optimized for ergonomics, based on the human factor. The transition animations now mimic the ‘one-shot’ visual effect sequence so as not to detract from the user’s focus as the elements move in the UI.

One Take Transition



The icons feature new animations:

Synchronized Vibrations

This is another novelty that we find very interesting, you can now set the vibration to accompany your touch. It is small details like this that make the experience with more pleasant and fluid equipment. The device vibrates with the touch audio.

Synchronized Vibrations

Smart multi-window

To activate Smart Multi-Window on EMUI 11: Slide inside any side of the screen and hold to access the side panel. Drag an application to start Smart Multi-Window. Touch the top-right icon in the multitasking management window. When playing or watching a video, they can still respond to messages in a floating window without leaving or minimizing the active application (s). When opening new applications, such as Maps or opening an attachment in an email, the new window will start as a floating window to minimize disruption.


Smart multi-window

Minimize or adjust the size of floating windows

The size of the floating windows can be adjusted by dragging any of the corners at the bottom. Press and hold the top window bar to move its position. Minimize the floating window by clicking on the minimize button in the upper left corner. The minimized floating windows can be accessed by clicking on the floating icon again. Touching the floating icon will display the complete list of minimized floating windows.

Minimize or adjust the size of floating windows

improved screen collaboration and for all scenarios

As smart technology gains prominence in the market, more and more consumers will have access to more and more smart devices. By virtualizing hardware resources, Huawei’s distributed technology allows practical and integrated use of various functionalities on various devices. With this new ‘super device’, users will be able to customize the experience according to their needs.


Multi-screen Collaboration 3.0: now supports multiple windows

Steps : Put your smartphone on the Huawei Share tag on a MateBook to activate Collaboration on multiple screens. They can transform an application into a new floating window by clicking on the top-left icon. This feature currently supports up to three floating windows at the same time. They can also drag and drop text and files into different windows to transfer data easily.

It is also possible to directly edit the files saved on the smartphone with the PC.

Multi-screen Collaboration 3.0: Turn your smartphone into a scanner

Steps: Enable Collaboration on multiple screens. Transfer the images taken on the smartphone directly to the PC. Character recognition allows you to easily edit the text in an image.

Multi-screen Collaboration 3.0: Allow calls on other devices

Steps: Enable Collaboration on multiple screens. When there is an incoming audio/video call, simply touch the icon on the PC screen to answer the call. They can use the PC’s microphone and a webcam to conduct the call.


Notepad now allows scanning

Steps: Open Notepad, touch the icon to create a new note. Select Gallery and touch Scan document Touch Extract text and save your work. Text and images are now editable.

Notepad: Take photos as notes

During lectures or meetings, they may find it difficult to write down what the presenter wrote on the whiteboard as notes on the PC or tablet. But now with Notepad, they can use the powerful camera on Huawei smartphones to capture these squiggles clearly. Steps: Open Notepad, tap the camera icon, and select your phone’s camera. your phone will automatically open the camera application. Take a photo and your photo will automatically appear in the note.

EMUI version: Huawei P30 and P30 Pro smartphones with EMUI 11 version updated from


  • The update is being released in batches, so it may take some time/days to reach your device.
  • The version and size of the EMUI may vary.
  • Make sure you have enough battery and storage on your device.

Security: Integrates Android security patches released in February 2021 to improve system security.
February 2021 security patch details: This February 2021 security patch fixes different levels of exploits and problems on Huawei smartphones, which includes 2 critical levels, 26 high and 77 average CVEs.

How to update a Huawei smartphone?

There are several ways, all valid in the case of the update: there will not always be a new version available for your smartphone, no matter if you use several methods, if there are not, there is not. Of course, it is convenient to meet them all, let’s get to it.

Wireless or Over The Air (OTA) updates

This is the most common form of update: when we least expect it, a pending update appears in the notification area. Just press on this warning and follow the instructions for the smartphone to be updated quickly and safely. It is convenient, however, to download these new versions only when connected to WiFi networks : they are heavy, and will certainly consume your data packet. In case you want to check if you have an update available, just do the following:

  • Go to your Huawei or Honor smartphone settings.
  •  « System «.
  • Go to ” Software update «.
  • The search for new software will be done automatically. If you want to do a manual search just click on the button ” Check for updates “.

Using your computer and HiSuite

In addition to receiving updates on the phone, they are also available with the software of Huawei computers: HiSuite. It is valid not only to search for new versions of software but also to make backup copies or transfer images between the smartphone and the computer, for example. To update your Huawei with your computer, you must do the following:

  • Download the HiSuite software from this page. It is valid for Windows or Mac.
  • After you have installed HiSuite on your computer, open the application and connect your smartphone via USB with the screen unlocked.
  • You need to enable HDB for HiSuite: just search for HDB in the search box of your Huawei or Honor settings. In the additional settings, press the button « Allow HiSuite to use HDB «.
  • The software will be synchronized and will offer the option of copying contacts or making backup copies, among other options. they can also check for pending Android updates: just click on the bottom icon, ” Update “.
  • If HiSuite updates are available, they will be downloaded and installed on the phone.

Manually install the update files

This is the last official way to install updates: manually installing the update file. It is dangerous because if you make a mistake and try to install/load firmware different from the phone model, it can damage your smartphone forever. Even so, it is useful to know this method, as it can sometimes be the only way to renew the smartphone’s firmware. And even do an Unbrick on the phone. We reiterate how delicate this operation is, you only have to execute it and have the correct update file and are willing to take the risks. For that:

  • Unzip the file you downloaded: they must have an « update. app «.
  • Create a folder in the storage root of your Huawei Honor that is called « dload » (Without the quotation marks) and place the file « « inside .
  • Turn off the phone completely
  • Press the volume buttons (+ and -) and press and hold the power button until the phone vibrates.
  • When you feel the vibration, release the power button while pressing the volume buttons.
  • If the dload folder is well created and the is correct, the smartphone will begin to install the update file.
  • Keep in mind that the data stored on the phone is most likely to be completely erased .

What you should know before updating your Huawei / Honor phone

So far, we’ve seen the four official ways to update a Huawei or Honor smartphone with Android . They are organized in order of difficulty and also by level of risk, although there are a few considerations to keep in mind before updating:

  • Make backup copies in case the update fails .
  • Safeguard your data and more personal elements, such as photos and videos.
  • The fact that a smartphone sees the news of an update does not mean that it will receive the notification immediately: the new versions are distributed in stages. And they differ in date by elements such as the country of the operator that sold the phone.
  • Although we all want the phone to be up to date, a phone will not stop working because it has not been updated to the latest version of Android. Smartphones over two years old do not usually receive new versions, it is a feature of the Android market that we must keep in mind when purchasing a new smartphone.