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Huawei New Smartphone With Google Services

Huawei New Smartphone

Even though the United States imposed sanctions on Huawei more than three months ago, the companies seem to have nothing.

The fall in sales of branded smartphones of the brand, which occurred at first, was gradually able to be compensated for by discounts on existing models, and Google found some kind of replacement in the form of Huawei Mobile Services.

Not to say that the sanctions did not affect Huawei at all, but, apparently, the company learned to exist quite well in conditions of partial isolation, regularly delighting fans with fresh news.

This week, Huawei introduced the Nova 5T smartphone in Russia. In fact, the international release of new items took place in the summer, however, the device reached the domestic market only now.

The fact is that Huawei did not know whether it would bring it to Russian retail due to problems that it encountered due to sanctions.

However, now, apparently, everything was working out and the Chinese decided that nothing prevents them from starting Russian sales of the Nova 5T, especially since the brand’s smartphones are in high demand among the local audience.

Huawei Nova 5T and Honor 20

In fact, Nova 5T is the twin brother of Honor 20. The devices have identical hardware, four cameras, but at the same time come out under different brands: Honor 20 launches the Honor sub-brand, and Nova 5T – Huawei.

Externally, the new items are also very similar to each other. If you don’t know where which model is, it will be almost impossible to distinguish them – the almost frameless display with a small “chin” at the bottom and an island-like notch under the front camera affect it.

However, thanks to laminated glass, the Nova 5T back panel, unlike the Honor 20, has a holographic effect that allows you to see the volume engraving with the name of the line.

Characteristics Huawei Nova 5T

  • CPU: Kirin 980
  • Memory: 6/128 GB
  • Camera: 48/16/2/2 MP
  • Battery: 3750 mAh
  • Charging: High Speed ​​22 W

How Huawei installs Google services in new smartphones

But why, one wonders, was it to produce completely identical smartphones, albeit under different brands? The fact is that otherwise, it would be impossible to install Google services on a new product.

And so, Huawei held the Honor 20 and Nova 5T under the same identifiers, in fact, passing them off as one smartphone, and was able to obtain a license for the services of the search giant. Similarly, the cunning Chinese acted with the Russian Honor 9X, from which, for the sake of Google services, they took out a fresh processor and installed an older one – from Huawei P Smart Z.

In the Nova 5T, Huawei used a rather unusual solution – instead of the traditional ToF sensor, it was decided to equip the smartphone with a macro lens. Xiaomi did the same in its Xiaomi Mi Note 10.

In the end, you can use a telephoto lens to take portrait photos, but nothing else works except for a macro lens for shooting small subjects.

Not to say that many users often take pictures in macro mode, but having such an opportunity in reserve is clearly not a hindrance, especially since this seems to be becoming a new trend in the camera phone market.

Which smartphone to buy for 20 thousand rubles

Quite interesting is the price of the Nova 5T. Since the novelty is a full hardware copy of Honor 20, the manufacturer set the same prices on them: 27,990 rubles. At first glance, it is inexpensive, given that smartphones are equipped with a flagship processor and a high-quality camera system.

However, we forget that Honor View 20 is still being sold in Russia, which has the same hardware, a slightly larger battery, and costs about 20 thousand rubles.

Of course, the Honor View 20 cannot boast of a macro lens, but I personally doubt that someone in their right mind would agree to pay an extra 5-7 thousand rubles for the opportunity to photograph small insects.

At the same time, View 20, being a less recent model, is one of the few Android smartphones that support Fortnite’s 60 fps mode.

Not that this made the device particularly productive, just such an opportunity testifies to its relevance and the interest of developers in its development.

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