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Huawei GameCenter: a new gaming platform with exclusive content

Huawei GameCenter

Huawei has just launched a new video game platform for its devices called GameCenter worldwide. Currently, it is already available in 33 countries in Europe (Spain included), Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. But what is GameCenter? A store? A service? A new gaming mode for Huawei phones? It’s a bit of everything. The company itself defines GameCenter as a space for games.

Next, we explain everything you need to know about GameCenter and what games it offers in its catalogWill it be the mobile gaming platform that the gaming community has been waiting for?

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What is Huawei GameCenter and what is it for?

GameCenter is an application for Huawei devices that can be downloaded through the AppGallery. This app is a game store where you can download free or paid titles. However, what makes GameCenter special is that it aims to offer gamers quality content and attractive rewards to using in games. As it does? Through exclusivities.


Huawei ensures that in GameCenter players will find many exclusive games (which are not available on other platforms), as well as special discounts for micro-payments for games. They also offer rewards for players in the form of accessories or items that they can use in their favorite games.

Many of these rewards are also exclusive, so if you play a game from GameCenter you will have more advantages than doing it from Google Play or another similar service. In essence, GameCenter wants to get your attention with exclusive content, just as PlayStation or Nintendo do in the branch of consoles.

It should be noted that GameCenter does not offer a streaming game service like Google Stadia or xCloud. It is rather an alternative to Apple Arcade or Google Play, as it is a service where games have to be downloaded to be able to play them on mobile. However, unlike those mentioned, GameCenter wants to go beyond that. In the future, Huawei said they will update the platform with various social features to keep the gaming community connected in one place.

All games available on Huawei GameCenter

Huawei is working with several independent studios to create exclusive GameCenter games. However, they have also partnered with established developers in the sector such as Lilith, IGG, Gameloft, or Forshow to offer exclusive content of their games and ensure that their titles are released first on GameCenter.

All games available on Huawei GameCenter

Here is the list of games that GameCenter offers right now:

  • Starship Legion-AMG
  • Farm legend
  • Survival Road
  • All land
  • Dynasty Legends: True Hero Rises from Chaos
  • Goddess MUA.
  • Idle Heroes
  • The Origin of Chaos
  • Brain out
  • AFK Arena
  • Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
  • Lords Mobile
  • Asphalt 9: Legends
  • Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of Zodiac
  • Perfect world

Keep in mind that these are only the games with which the platform debuts. Over time, the list will expand with titles that we have already seen on Google Play or some new and exclusive to GameCenter. If you enter the app now, you will surely be able to find other games apart from those mentioned in this list.

Anyway, tell us… what do you think of this new Huawei gaming platform? Is it what the brand needed to strengthen its mobile services?



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