HTC Rezound Root And CWM Recovery


HTC Rezound Root And CWM Recovery

Root And CWM Recovery HTC Rezound With simply following instructions.

Pre Requirements To Root And CWM Recovery HTC Rezound :-

Your phone must be unlocked bootloader before. You can check out: Here

Back up important data before performing
Download and unzip the file: WinDroid Toolkit

Turn on USB Debugging mode on your phone.
2. Run the file WinDroid HTC Rezound Toolkit on your computer.
3. Connect your phone to a computer via USB.
4. On the Interface Toolkit. You click on CWM and wait for the installation process to flash CWM Recovery complete for your phone.
5. Next you click on the tab Gain Superuser Root . (Make followed without success, then you choose to conduct your SuperSU)
6. You will be taken to the CWM Recovery mode.

7. Select install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard. then select the file

When the process is complete is flash your phone has been accompanied by Root and install CWM Recovery success. Now you can install the custom ROM that you love.


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