HTC First dead?


HTC First dead?
About two months ago, Facebook’s alliance with HTC unveiled the first smartphone with a shell Facebook First Home , which is built on Android. From the beginning, all the experts and analysts negative perception towards the new device, and it seems that he was overtaken by the sad fate. reported that the U.S. mobile operator AT & T, who undertook to sell HTC First to the contract, implemented a number of devices, and refused to extend the contract for the supply of smartphone . It is assumed that AT & T was able to sell only a single batch of the small number of devices (about 15,000 tubes), and then guide the operator has decided to stop selling the device. To sell out before the end of the party smartphones operator even had to lower the price of two-year-contract with a $ 99 to $ 0.99.


HTC First dead?

It seems that the idea of ​​the launcher with enhanced integration with social network Facebook has failed and it is unlikely it will be possible to revive her. According to rumors that the launch of the smartphone HTC First in Europe postponed or even canceled, we can talk about the “death” of the device. It is possible that in the future we are waiting for other smart phones with Facebook Home sheath from other manufacturers, but will they sell? Probably not, but time will tell.


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