Home Stock Firmware HTC HTC Desire 826 Stock Rom Ruu Download

HTC Desire 826 Stock Rom Ruu Download

HTC Desire 826 Stock Rom Ruu Download

HTC Desire 826 Stock Rom Ruu Download

Method 1: Flash via Fastboot.

Step 1:

download the firmware you fit their machine parameters and to rename the new file to download firmware.zip, then copy it back Fastboot folder in C drive of your computer.

Step 2:

Turn CMD-> type cd c: \ fast boot, and put the phone in bootloader → Connect the phone to your computer, make sure the USB Fastboot red line currently offline.

Step 3:

For S-ON machine must relock Bootloader Light: fastboot OEM lock → Enter

(The machine will restart, go to Bootloader check it has not to relock, if OK then continue)

Step 4:

Put the machine on flash mode Ruu: fastboot OEM reboot RUU → Enter (HTC ONE will show HTCmau white logo)

Step 5:

Flash Firmware 1st: fastboot flash zip firmware.zip → Enter

Step 6:

Flash Firmware 2nd: fastboot flash zip firmware.zip → Enter

(Wait for it to run for about 1 minute, Fastboot press Finish on the screen on the phone but still running, then you just let it be. Use the Power button to reset the phone always is.)

Method 2:

Flash by Hboot in Bootloader (via fastboot flash when errors or spending still always this way dc).

– Step 1: relock the bootloader.

– Step 2: Rename the Firmware File 0PHCIMG.Zip (0 here is 0) then copy it to the memory card.

– Step 3: Boot into Bootloader machine will automatically load the selected Hboot 0PHCIMG.Zip file.

(to the loading bar top right corner of the screen), the machine will reset the flash is complete.


  • After you flash the firmware Bootloader Unlock memory before Flash Recovery offline.




  1. my desire 826 has been broke when i was rooting my device. Its now just showing HTC logo. Now from here i want to download link for install, but can’t. can any one please help me to get the download link. i need ASIA INDIA



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