How to use the Wavelet app to improve the sound of your headphones

Wavelet app to improve the sound

Since the beginning of Android, there has been a wide variety of applications in the Play Store that promise to improve the sound of your headphones.

Although there are several that manage to fulfill what was promised, most of these apps usually require root. Fortunately, an XDA developer created an app that really manages to improve the sound quality of headsets without root, easy to use, and advanced features.

In this way, Wavelet emergedAn app that has many things to offer you, but the most important of all is a function called AutoEq. As the name suggests, AutoEq automatically corrects the sound frequencies of your headphones so they sound better without you having to adjust anything.

The result is a much clearer sound experience with better separation of all frequencies.

How to use the Wavelet app to improve the sound of your headphones

Although it is an app that makes profound changes to the sound management of headphones, Wavelet only weighs 2 MB, and using it is very easy.

If you don’t believe us, here is a brief guide on how to start using Wavelet to improve the sound of your headphones:

  • Once you have installed Wavelet from the Play Store, open the app.

Wavelet: Headphone specific equalization

  • You will see a message telling you that you are not playing music. So open the music player you want (Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, etc.) and play a song. Obviously, you must also have headphones connected.
  • That way, Wavelet will detect music playback and show you various options. If it doesn’t, then tap the three dots that appear at the top right and select Legacy mode.
  • Then press the three dots next to the AutoEq option, which must be activated.
  • Find your model of headphones and select them. In this way, Wavelet will automatically configure the best equalization for your headphones.

Ready! The sound from your headphones should have improved. Please note that Wavelet currently has the best specific EQ in its database for over 2700 different headphones.

If you can’t find your headphones in the app, Wavelet, unfortunately, won’t be able to improve its sound automatically. Luckily, this application also offers different functions to manually customize the output audio of your Android.

What else can Wavelet do?

In addition to the options mentioned above, Wavelet offers a 9-band graphic equalizer to compensate for lost frequencies or annoying spikes.

It also has an option that allows you to add extra bass to enhance the audio experience. Of course, if you’re not convinced by the bass boost, you can use the Bass Tuner option to remove unwanted resonance from the lower frequencies.

The app also has an option to simulate reverberation in your songs and a virtualizer to add a spatialization effect to the music you are listening to.

Finally, Wavelet has a limiter, which will let you eliminate unwanted volume peaks, as well as an option called Channel Balance with which you can restore the balance between the left and right channels.

In short, we are dealing with a very complete application that will satisfy the needs of both novice users and users who are more knowledgeable in the field of sound.

Of course, although the app is free, some Wavelet functions are blocked and to use them you must pay 5 euros  (it is worth it if you are going to take advantage of it).

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