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How To Use Samsung Cloud App

Everything about the Samsung Cloud App

It is really difficult to imagine our lives without Smartphones and other helpful gadgets. They contain so much information that it is hardly possible to imagine a situation- when you lose a beloved device with many private photos, messages from dear people and unforgettable videos.

For some users, it can be a real tragedy. In order not to get into such a situation, it is better to keep important data on special services like Cloud from Google or Samsung Cloud Storage. It is not a secret that a Korean Giant usually provides a lot of useful applications and options for fans of their devices and Samsung Cloud App is one of them.

What is the Samsung Cloud App?

Samsung Cloud App is a free-of-charge service for restoring and backing up important information and files on your Galaxy Smartphones. Using this great application, there is no need to worry about losing your gadget or that a phone might be stolen. Samsung Cloud Storage supports such options as synchronization, backup and restoration of:

  • The layout of a Samsung Cloud App home display, settings of the system and calls. Samsung Cloud Syncs email accounts on Galaxy devices.
  • Application settings and necessary info for some preloaded applications from Samsung like Internet, Notes or Calendar.
  • Video files, many music files, and photographs.

Samsung Cloud Storage is 15 GB but if a user needs more, he has to be ready to pay for some extra space.

Pay attention that service doesn’t support:

  • Earlier, Cloud from Samsung supported info from other applications. But at the end of last year, a Korean giant informed us that their application would stop doing it.
  • Data on user SD card.
  • If you own a Smartphone from Verizon, you won’t have Cloud from a Korean giant.
  • Samsung Cloud App Service isn’t supported on such devices as Galaxy J7, J3, and TabS2.

How to use the Samsung Cloud App?

How do I get into my Samsung Cloud App?

It is necessary to keep in mind that users can get Samsung Cloud App Access only on supported Galaxy gadgets. Definite features of service depend on a carrier, model of a Smartphone and version of Android.

If you wonder- where is the Cloud on your phone, then read a guide on How to Open Samsung Cloud on your Smartphone.

  • Find -Settings on a Home screen. Then choose Cloud and Accounts. Select Samsung Cloud and tap Start.
  • Samsung Cloud App sign-in is simple if you have your own Samsung account.
  • Select- Manage Cloud storage, then choose Backup Settings. If you wish a Smartphone to back up files automatically, then select- Auto by tapping on a button- On.
  • Then mark the data you want to back up, tapping On.
  • To copy chosen files, press Backup now.
  • In case you need Samsung Cloud Sync, find –Data to Sync on a previous screen and mark near data that has to be synchronized.
  • Then return to Manage cloud storage. Tapping on an icon will show you the amount of used and free storage.

So, now you know where is Samsung cloud on your Galaxy device.

How can I view the photos in my Samsung Cloud App?

If you wish to view Samsung Cloud Photos, then follow these steps:

  • Go to Gallery.
  • Then choose- Settings and Cloud View. You will be able to see Samsung Cloud Photos that are stored in an application.

Now you are welcome to View Samsung Cloud, remembering happy moments from your life.

How to delete pictures from the Samsung Cloud App?

Do you need to remove some photos from the Samsung Cloud App, no problem. Just look at the next tutorial:

  • First, go to Settings and select Cloud and accounts.
  • Then choose- Samsung Cloud and tap- Gallery.
  • Pick-View All and then choose and hold a necessary photo. To add more photographs for deleting just touch images you want to remove.
  • Tap-Delete.

How to retrieve photos from the Samsung Cloud App?

It can happen that you have deleted some photographs by accident. It is not time to panic. Follow these actions:

  • Go to Settings and select Cloud and Accounts.
  • Choose Samsung Cloud and then –Gallery.
  • Tap on Trash, choose and hold a necessary image.
  • Then tap-Restore.

Keep in mind that all files from a Trash will be automatically removed in two weeks. So it is impossible to retrieve photos from a Trash after emptying it.

How to Turn Off Samsung Could App?

Guide How to disable Samsung Cloud App:

  • Go to the Application Menu and find –Settings.
  • Choose- Samsung Cloud and tap-Backup.

You can deactivate the backup with the help of a regulator. Data from your Smartphone will no longer be stored in the Cloud from Samsung.