How To Use RockChip Batch Tool For Firmware Flashing

Most users find flashing firmware on Android devices to be a challenging task, but with the correct tools and instructions, it can be simple. The Rockchip Batch Tool is one of the commonly used programs for flashing Android devices with Rockchip-based firmware. We’ll walk you through each step of using the Rockchip Batch Tool to flash the firmware on your Android device in this article.

The Rockchip Batch Tool is designed to simplify the process of flashing custom firmware on your device. It’s also one of the most popular tools for flashing RK3066 chipsets with their respective custom firmware. In this article, we’ll show you how to use this tool to install a custom ROM or recovery image on an Android device running Marshmallow or higher (Android Nougat).

Use RockChip Batch Tool For Firmware Flashing

Install .img Firmware using the RockChip Batch Tool

If you’re installing new firmware or flashing the RockChip Batch Tool on your device, be sure to make a backup of your data before starting. This will ensure you don’t lose any of your information!


Before we get started, you’ll need:

  • A Windows computer. You can download the Rockchip Batch Tool from the official website.
  • The Android device’s firmware file, which you can get from the maker’s website or other trustworthy sources.
  • A USB cable that works with your computer to connect your device.

Step 1: Installing the Rockchip Batch Tool

To install the Rockchip Batch Tool, follow these steps:

1. Download the Rockchip Batch Tool from the official website.

2. Extract the downloaded Firmware file to a folder on your PC.

3. Double-click on the ‘RKBatchTool.exe’ file to open the tool.

4. Select ‘Install Batch Tool’, then click ‘Next’ and follow the on-screen instructions to continue

Step 2: Installing the Rockchip Drivers

Rockchip created RK Driver Assistant as a tool to assist with Windows driver installation. Users can quickly and easily install the appropriate Rockchip drivers on their Windows computers using RK Driver Assistant. For your convenience, this page displays all Rockchip Driver Assistant updates that are currently available.

This page is updated regularly with new drivers and updates from Rockchip, so please check back frequently for updates. If you have any questions or concerns about this page, please contact us at [email address].

Step 3: Installing Stock Firmware

  • Open RKBatchTool.exe to Launch the Tool:

Launch the Tool

  • The following window will appear once the tool has been launched:

tool has been launched

  • Locate the Firmware (.img-based) on the computer by clicking the Browse button:

Locate the Firmware

How To Use RockChip Batch Tool For Firmware Flashing

  • The message “Loading firmware Finished” will appear on the tool once you have successfully loaded the firmware:
Icon 1 turns green on the device
  • Click the Restore button to start flashing or installing the device after the tool has successfully detected it:
Click the Restore button
  • The firmware (ROM) will now be flashed or installed on the device by RockChip Batch Tool (flashing typically takes 4-6 minutes to complete):
  • When the flashing process is successful, the message “Upgrade/Restore Done Success” will appear.
UpgradeRestore Done
  • By selecting the Exit button, you can shut down RockChip Tool:
shut down RockChip Tool
  • Restart the computer after disconnecting the device.
  • Congratulations! Now there are no problems using your mobile device.


If you’ve been interested in updating your Android device’s firmware using the Rockchip Batch Tool, then this guide is for you. With a few simple steps, you can quickly and easily update or install firmware on your Android device by prepping your device and using the appropriate firmware file. By following these instructions, you will be able to flash the firmware on your Android device using the Rockchip Batch Tool with confidence!