Install or Flash Stock Firmware (ROM) on Nokia Devices using the OST Tool.

WARNING: The OST Tool’s firmware installation and flashing processes could result in the loss of all user data. This is why it’s so important to take your time when selecting the Update Option in Step #13.

Install .nb0 or .mlf Firmware using OST Tool

Obtain the most recent version of Nokia’s official software (ROM) here (if in case you have already downloaded the stock firmware, then SKIP this step, or else you can find the Nokia Stock Firmware on FirmwareFile or through Google).


Now, Extract OST Tool on your Computer (assuming you have already downloaded the tool; if not then Download OST Tool). Once you have extracted the tool, you will be able to see the following files:


Launcher.exe needs to be run in order to start the installation process.

ost setup

Please proceed by clicking the Next Button:

Once more, press the Next button to confirm installation:

To finish setting up, click the Close button.

Copy OnlineUpdateTool.exe right away:

ost copy

Paste it to the OST Installation Folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\OST LA):

ost paste

To confirm, click Replace:

ost replace

Start the OST Tool by selecting it from the Start Menu Shortcut or by going directly to the C: Program Files (x86)OST LA Folder.

ost launch

When the OST Tool is running, the following screen will appear:

ost tool

Click the Next button now.


Locate the stock firmware for your device that you downloaded in Step #1 by clicking the Browse button:

ost browse

ost firmware select

There are several options when you click on the Update Option Menu. The Emergency Download option enables you to install the firmware on a dead device, while the Normal Download option enables you to do so on a working device without erasing any personal data (will wipe personal data).

ost update option

We have chosen the emergency download option because we are using a dead phone:

ost update option list

We have chosen the emergency download option because we are using a dead phone:

Select the “Next” button.

OST will now start the installation process, which could take a few minutes to finish:

ost installing

The Download is Succeed Message will appear at the end of the installation process once it is finished.

After that, disconnect your device from the computer and close the OST Tool by clicking the Finish button.

Congratulation! Now, Restart your Mobile Device, and you’re ready to use it.