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How To upload 15 Sec Video On Instagram [Android – Iphone]

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Do you use stories on Instagram often? Would you like to upload videos longer than 15 seconds to Instagram stories? Then we will tell you how to do it!

Stories (stories) on Instagram allow users to tell subscribers what is happening at the moment, complete a survey, or send an invitation. But there is one unpleasant limitation… Uploading a video to a story lasting more than 15 seconds does not work. How to get around this restriction?

The solution will be as follows – you must cut the original long video into small clips lasting 15 seconds. Here’s how to add videos to Instagram for more than a minute, easy and simple! Well, then, we tell how to implement our plan!


The video lasting more than 15 seconds in a story Instagram on Android

On Android, there is a very simple and useful application that divides the video in 15 seconds, called Long IG Stories! You can download it from the Google Play store.

Long Stories – upload a full story on Instagram

Install the application on your phone and run it! You will see two buttons “Select Video” and “Create Video”. As you already understood, using “Create Video” you can shoot a video that will be divided into small videos after shooting! You just have to upload them to the Instagram story.

If you select “Select Video”, then specify the necessary video to be cut and the Long IG Stories application will do everything for you! All you have to do is add videos to Instagram Stories in sequence.

Video longer than 15 seconds on Instagram Instagram on iPhone

On the iPhone, there is also a similar application, like on Android, which allows you to cut the captured long videos into short videos for Instagram in automatic mode.

Install and run the Long Stories iPhone app. Next, click on the big plus and select the one you need from the list.

Click “Export” to automatically cut the video automatically. You managed to create “long Instagram stories”.

Still, have additional questions? Ask them in the comments, talk about what you did or vice versa!

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