Disney + is one of the few services of streaming video on demand, of undoubted success, which is an excellent alternative to Netflix (at least abroad, in the next few lines you will understand why).

There are already several million users in the regions where the service was launched (if you want to find more information, you can consult our in-depth analysis with all the information on Disney +).

After the launch in Italy and after trying the US version for a while I realized how poor the Italian Disney + catalog was. In this study, we will see how to get around the limitations and unlock the whole catalog.

The limitations of the Italian Disney + catalog

USA catalog of Disney Plus


Nobody has ever really talked about it, but a bit like at the launch of Netflix, between the local and US catalog of Disney + there is a small abyss.

Some TV series have fewer episodes, and examples are the Simpsons or the Mandalorian (the episodes of the series in the Italian version are added weekly, while in the United States they are all available together), the latest Disney and Pixar films (Frozen 2 and Onward) they were just missing (found in this article all the main hit TV series on Disney +).

Gradually the situation of the Italian catalog has slightly improved (but not as regards the latest films), certainly due to previous license agreements, our catalog remains much poorer than the US counterpart.

At this point there are two alternatives: give up and wait for the contents of our interest to be published on Disney + Italian, or take advantage of one VPN to get around territorial limits and access the USA catalog.

Choice of VPN to view Disney + foreign catalog

Not all VPN services are suitable for viewing Disney + and allow you to circumvent territorial blocks effectively. Free VPN services, in general, are not, for the following reasons (also deriving from problems of economic sustainability):

  • offer a low number of servers that are easily blocked by streaming services;
  • limit the browsing speed to levels incompatible with streaming;
  • alternatively, they limit the traffic exchanged to only 500 Mb, which with HD content is consumed quickly.

So here’s what a good VPN for Disney Plus should have:

  • many servers located in the USA and UK, so that you can enjoy the extended catalog whenever you want;
  • unlimited burst for each user (it would be ridiculous to have to stop watching a movie because the data bank is finished);
  • no limitation on the network speed, so that it is possible to enjoy the contents in the highest quality without buffering (in the case of this platform up to 4K with HDR).

In general, it is always advisable to give it a try, most of the best-paid VPN services offer at least a week of withdrawal.

As far as browsing speed is concerned, the solutions we have reviewed and examined in detail (ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, Surfshark, NordVPN, Private Internet Access) allow us to get closer to 50 Mb / s. It is an excellent speed, more than enough to enjoy Full HD or 4K videos without problems, shots, and downtime.

What are the best VPNs for Disney +

The best VPNs for Disney +

Based on our experience and tests, we can recommend the best services to fully enjoy the new Disney service:

CyberGhost VPN – it is an excellent VPN service that allows you to have discounts for very long payments (up to paying 2.5 € per month for three-year subscriptions).

You can take a look at the specific page in Italian with the Netflix offer (which is also perfect for Disney Plus) here: CyberGhost VPN Netflix. CyberGhost allows access to the entire Disney Plus catalog of the United States. For further information, also read our review: CyberGhost VPN review.

ExpressVPN – it is the best VPN service we have ever tried, it offers excellent speeds, a high degree of security and is perfect for getting around territorial blockages (and therefore also to see the extended catalog of Disney + and Netflix). Unfortunately, you pay for the quality, but the relationship between quality and price remains very high, you can learn more by consulting our ExpressVPN review.

ZenMate VPN – is probably one of the best economic services. This solution offers a good number of servers, excellent speeds, good security, and the ability to get around geo-blocks. In short, a low-cost solution that will surely convince you, to find out more you can consult our review of ZenMate VPN.

NordVPN – it is a high-quality service, with excellent and numerous servers spread all over the world (also in our country). It is the best choice to get around every territorial block. We invite you to consult our NordVPN review.

Private Internet Access – it is a service of undoubted quality with fast servers, in many countries. Thanks to these servers, especially to the US and Canadian ones, it is very easy to have access to the extensive catalogs of Web streaming services. The price is competitive and makes PIA VPN one of the cheapest Top services. Find out more about this service by consulting our popular review on Private Internet Access.

Surfshark – is a new VPN that offers very interesting coupons and offers and which has among its main features, precisely the navigation on the USA services with the change of the geographical position. Read our full Surfshark review.

PrivateVPN – one of the best VPNs to get around geographic blocks. It has very competitive prices and we tested it with the Netflix catalog. It allows easy access to Netflix USA’s large library of movies and TV series. Go to the PrivateVPN review.

PureVPN – a service that stands out for not having any bandwidth limit for download and streaming. Particularly suitable for viewing the US Netflix catalog and on offer for only € 1.52 per month for 5 years of subscription. Read the full PureVPN review.