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How To Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20

How To Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20

Do you want to take a screenshot on your new Samsung Galaxy S20? As on any Android smartphone, taking a screenshot is a fairly simple procedure. 

The new device of the renewed range of the Korean house, however, presents some more options with which it is possible to intervene during the capture. In this guide, we will tell you how to take screenshots and use those features.

How To Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20

Taking a screenshot on an Android smartphone usually requires a long press of the VOL keys – and the power on at the same time, however, this is not the case on Samsung Galaxy S20.

Starting from Galaxy S10 Note, in fact, Samsung has decided to change the behavior following the simultaneous pressing of the buttons, also adding a new side button. Therefore, when these are pressed for a long time, the Power menu is activated by default.

To take a screenshot on Galaxy S20 therefore, it will be necessary to quickly press the VOL button – together with the side button simultaneously. A quick touch on both buttons will activate the procedure to take a screenshot, taking everything that is present in the displayed screen.

After capturing the screenshot, at the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S20 display, an action bar will be displayed with buttons for editing the screenshots, the tag and sharing via the various messaging or social apps. The bar also contains a function for capturing large screens.

Ask Bixby to take a screenshot

Alternatively, you can use Bixby to take a screenshot. Although the Samsung-owned voice assistant is not very popular with Android users, it is actually excellent for controlling the functions on the device. One of these is precisely that of capturing screenshots.

Ask Bixby to take a screenshot

To take a screenshot with Samsung’s assistant, simply long-press the side button to bring up the assistant and ask to take a screenshot.


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