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How To Synchronize WhatsApp Business and Facebook?

Synchronize WhatsApp Business and Facebook

Do you have a company and use WhatsApp Business? So this is for you because it is already possible to unite the information on your Facebook account with WhatsApp.

Yes, now everything will be much more comfortable because your announcements and promotions will be easier to do. So stay with us because we tell you in detail how to synchronize the information between WhatsApp Business and Facebook.

It is not the first time that this business messaging app adds a new feature since a few months ago WhatsApp Business added the function of creating a catalog of products to share. This does not seem anything strange because since Mark Zuckerberg bought this messaging app, Facebook has started to have more functions in conjunction with WhatsApp.

How can I synchronize the information between WhatsApp Business and Facebook?

The first thing you must do to be able to synchronize both apps is to update them to their latest versions :

You can go to the Play Store, search WhatsApp Business or Facebook and update them from there since either of the two apps is available to update to its latest version.

However, we know that sometimes updates take time to reach your mobile, so if you still can not install the latest version of Facebook, you can click here to download it through an APK.

But, what benefits do you have by synchronizing both apps, will your business improve? Well, we already tell you that the success of your company does not depend on WhatsApp Business or Facebook, but using both apps will surely facilitate and help you in many things.

If you have any questions, you can review all the advantages you have when using WhatsApp Business, as you will surely discover something useful.

The really positive thing about this union is that business owners will now be able to reduce their workload with respect to communication and online promotions.

Connecting both accounts will allow companies to publish Facebook ads on WhatsApp, making everything much more comfortable.

Steps to follow to synchronize WhatsApp Business with Facebook

It is actually very easy, you just have to follow these simple steps :

  • Enter WhatsApp Business.
  • Enter Settings.
  • Click on Business Adjustment.
  • Click on Company Profile.
  • Click the Link Facebook account icon.

In this way, you will have been able to synchronize both accounts and reduce your workload since it will synchronize the hours, the type of company, and more details directly in WhatsApp Business.

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