How To Show Notification Icons in Miui


Many Android users who switched to Xiaomi noticed a lack of notification icons in the Miui status bar. How to fix it? Yes, very easy!

The Chinese company Xiaomi is trying to make the best of the Android operating system and competing for iOS and create the perfect MIUI shell from it, but sometimes it happens just the opposite … For example, a new smartphone and tablet users who choose this Chinese brand complain about the lack of status bar icons! As a result of this, some alerts go unnoticed for a long time, and now we will try to fix it all!

MIUI 11 notification icons

  • Go to the “Settings” Android and then move to the “Screen” and then “Cut and status bar”
  • Activate the option “Upcoming notification icons”
  • After that, MIUI 11 will show notification icons in the status bar!

Xiaomi notification settings: showing notification icons in the status bar MIUI 10

  • Go to the “Settings” Android and then move to the section “Notifications” or “Notifications and status bar”
  • Here you will see the not activated option “Notification Icons” or “Icons of upcoming notifications” or “Show notification icons”, turn on
  • activate the option “show notification icons”
  • Now, in the status bar or status bar, notification icons will be displayed, as on all other Android.

See also a video tutorial on activating icons.