share Nintendo Switch screenshots on iPhone

With the release of firmware 11.0, Nintendo has finally decided to simplify the process of sharing screenshots taken from the Switch console. Now, in fact, it is possible to send up to 10 shots at the same time (or a single video), through a process based on the use of QR codes. Unfortunately, however, the saving of the contents on the smartphone gallery takes place in a slower way, since it will be necessary to export them individually.

Today, however, thanks to the “Commands” application and a shortcut developed by MacStories, we will see how to further simplify the sharing of Nintendo Switch screenshots on iPhone and iPad.


Share Nintendo Switch screenshots on iPhone and iPad with the Controls app

Before starting with the actual sharing procedure, you will obviously need to make sure you have all the available requirements. First of all, you will need to have the “Commands” app installed on your iPhone or iPad. Secondly, you will need to allow the installation of third-party commands.

  • Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone or iPad
  • Continue with “Quick Commands”
  • Activate the toggle  Untrusted commands” (at the end of the installation it can also be deactivated)
  • Enter the device passcode to confirm

At this point, you can safely proceed with the installation and use of the command.

  • Open this link via the Safari browser on iPhone or iPad
  • Click on the blue “Get Quick Commands” button at the bottom
  • Confirm with “Add quick command”
  • Open the “Album” app on the Nintendo Switch console
  • Select the images (up to 10 at the same time) or video to share
  • Confirm your selection (a QR code should appear)
  • Scan the QR code that appears, via the iPhone or iPad camera app
  • Click on the notification above to connect the device to the console via Wi-Fi
  • Open the “Commands” application on the iPhone or iPad
  • Run the newly added command and choose where to save the imported screenshots