How to Setup T80 Smartwatch

The Smartwatch T80 is a good watch as it supports Android and iOS phones, moreover, it is very easy to be configured with your smartphone. It is resistant to water and dust and its battery lasts for around 7 days, but in standby, it can take up to 15 days to fully discharge.

As it should be, it has a color touch screen display with high resolution and 3D graphics. And if you think it’s over, you’re duly mistaken. After being configured, it can receive notifications from social networks, WhatsApp, emails, SMS, and calls, without having to consult your phone screen. It has support for Strava that manages your training data.

Wearables are famous for being able to monitor their users’ training. At the gym, walks or daily runs, he uses GPS to measure distances covered, and can synchronize this and other data with an application installed on his phone. In addition to other functions like, measure your heart rate and blood pressure.

For these various reasons you will need to connect your Smartwatch T80 to your smartphone because only then, it will be 100% functional.

Connecting T80 Smartwatch with your phone

Step 1: First install the “Happy Sports” app for Android phones on the Play Store

 or App Store if yours is iOS (iPhone, iPad…).

Step 2: Tap ” Allow ” on all the warnings that appear on the cell phone screen and then include your information (name, gender, weight, height, etc.).

Step 3: After completing the steps above, check that the phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.

Step 4: Now go back to the app’s home screen, tap on the option “ Unlinked device, Click to link a device ” and leave the watch close to the phone.

Step 5: Happy Sports will start looking for the T80 Smartwatch, wait a few seconds until you go to the ” Select the connected device ” screen.

Step 6: Here, tap on “ T80_8E86 ” and then on “ Pair ” to start the connection process between the watch and the cell phone.

Step 7: When finished, tap the “ CLICK TO BIND ” icon on the smartwatch screen. The message ” Linked successfully ” will be displayed on the cell phone screen indicating that the pairing is already done. Note that the home screen now shows that the T80 is connected. Done!

Configuring the T80 Smartwatch

As we mentioned above, smartwatches are only 100% complete when they are connected to your application. Then we’ll show you how to make the basic settings on the watch and in the app.

In the app :

  • Take a photo: To take a photo, tap “ Smart Shot ” and click “ Ok ” to allow the watch to take a photo from the cell phone’s camera. Then position the phone and touch the lock screen to take the photo.
  • Looking for the bracelet: Touch to activate the watch vibration if you forgot somewhere nearby.
  • Alarm clock: Click on add to set the alarm by adding a day of the week, month and time.
  • Message sent: On the next screen, activate apps (WhatsApp, SMS, etc.) and services that you want to receive notifications on your watch.
  • Interface settings: Touch to display the watch faces that can be used on the watch screen.
  • Interface display: Touch to display the available functions (blood pressure, step counter, heart rate, etc.).
  • Turn on display when lifting the pulse: Activate the function key ” Lift the pulse to light up the screen “.

On the watch :

  • Function menu: Touch the screen repeatedly to display the functions. To activate and deactivate a function, touch and hold for seconds. Do the same to return to the previous screen.
  • Change watch face: To switch between the displays, touch the screen for 3 seconds. Repeat the step to select another one.

Note: If the time and date are not synchronized with the cell phone, go to the Bluetooth screen and if the list is paired with the T80, tap “Forget”.