automatic reply messages on WhatsApp
Automatic Reply Messages On Whatsapp

It happens to all of us, we are busy, and we cannot write on WhatsApp at that time, so it can happen that we do not reply to important messages. If you want your contacts to receive an automatic reply in these cases, in this guide, we explain how to configure and create automatic reply messages.

When you call a cell phone, and its owner is not available, sometimes we run into the answering machine, a tool that was very useful when there were only landlines but that we continue to use today, especially for professional use.

However, the instant messaging apps we use on our mobile devices, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, or Telegram, to name a few, don’t have an answering machine or anything like that.

Focusing on WhatsApp, the most popular app in the world to communicate with friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, and customers, it does not have an absent mode or an answering machine. We find it in the professional version, WhatsApp Business, but to use it, you need a professional account, not the personal one we all have access to.

WhatsApp Business is the corporate version of WhatsApp, although nothing prevents you from creating an account with your phone number despite not being a business. Among the additional functions of WhatsApp Business, which are not in the normal WhatsApp version, there are welcome messages and absence messages, the same that will be manually configured for automatic replies.

The standard version of WhatsApp doesn’t include support for automatic replies, but third-party developers have managed to achieve something similar.

How to create automatic reply messages on WhatsApp

There are many applications in the Play Store designed to take advantage of WhatsApp. One of these is WhatsAuto, indicated for automatic replies. The operation is the same as other applications with an automated response, such as Gmail: its use is very simple.

When you download WhatsAuto, certain permissions must be granted for it to work without this posing privacy risks in addition to the fact that the application accesses message notifications.

WhatsAuto is free to download. There are purchases and advertisements within the application, but they do not prevent the use of automatic replies.

WhatsAuto offers some options when creating these automatic replies to be used on WhatsApp. In addition, it also works with other messaging applications, such as Telegram.

One of the features of WhatsAuto is that it allows you to create a generic auto-reply message. If you wish, you can also choose which people will receive automatic replies when the application is active. In this way, only the most important contacts will be aware of your absence.

There is another function of interest in WhatsAuto: it is the so-called personalized answer. Thanks to it, automatic replies can be customized when specific text is received, even when a message containing certain words is received.

In the personalized answer, you can choose between Exact match (send an automatic reply when a specific message is received) or It Contains (automatic reply if the message contains some words that have been mentioned). It is an additional setting that makes WhatsAuto more customizable.

How to create automatic replies with WhatsAuto

After the presentation of the main functions of the application, it’s time to create automatic replies to be used on WhatsApp. Once you’ve opened the app and given the necessary permissions, it’s time to set up the app.

The app interface doesn’t present too many complications, with three sections at the top. To create automatic replies, you must enter Home, the first of them.

Once activated L’auto reply option, the application allows the user to choose how he wants to create this answer. There are numerous predefined texts in the app, which are typical generic response messages. The application also allows you to write your own personalized text.

When the text to be used has been configured, go to the contacts section. In it, you can choose which contacts will receive an automatic reply when they send messages via WhatsApp.

Once you’ve chosen your contacts, the process ends. Therefore, when a message is received on WhatsApp, an automatic reply will be returned to the contact you wrote. If you select “All,” the default answers will reach all those who write to you.

It is perfect for when the holidays arrive when driving or for any other reason why it is not possible to answer at the moment: with an automatic response, the contacts will be more relaxed.