How to root the Samsung Galaxy S4

How to root the Samsung Galaxy S4

How to root the Samsung Galaxy S4

In just a few hours has been put up for sale and the new flagship of the Korean multinational Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and we have a way to get root permissions.

 we owe it to the best independent developers development forum in the world of Android Scene, developers.

First of all, notice that each is responsible for the changes we make to our Phones, and of course neither GadgetModder even I am liable for the damage to the same.

Well, that said, I have to say that according to the forum users’ point of developers, is a system that works perfectly and does not have any side effects.


Samsung Galaxy S4 models valid with this system

This tutorial or root method is valid for all models of Samsung Galaxy S4 processors Qualcomm, including variants of AT&T, T-mobile and Sprint.

The system named Motochopper is public already for rooting some of the latest handsets launched by Motorola.

Please note
To properly Rooting these models of Samsung Galaxy S4, need a Zip file of just 4 Mb, which we will unpack anywhere on our PC with the operating system Windows, Linux or Mac and follow the steps below I explain

There is little to say that we have the latest drivers from Samsung, which get installed Kies from the Samsung official website and connect to your terminal to make a first synchronization. (this part of Kies is only for Windows users) .


It is necessary to have USB debugging enabled from the system settings Samsung Galaxy S4

How rooting the Samsung Galaxy S4 Qualcomm models
Once unzipped the downloaded file, we will open the resulting folder and run the file according to your operating system:

After connecting the device to your PC using your cable USB, navigate to the path where you unzip the zip file downloaded in the previous step and run with administrator permissions the file called “run.bat”.

The program will start doing its job and in just seconds you have the desired root permissions to do and undo at will.


Linux and MAC
Users of Linux and MAC navigate to the path where you unzip the zip file via the terminal and once there, run the following command:

. /
As in Windows, the program will start to do its job and in just a few seconds we will have achieved root access.

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