How To Root LG G PAD 7 v400


How To Root LG G PAD 7 v400

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How To Root LG G PAD 7 v400 KitKat :-

Files Needed To Root LG G PAD 7 v400 KitKat

TowelRoot – Download Here

Steps To Root LG G PAD 7 v400 KitKat :-

After downloading the application install and open it touch on make it ra1n button. After that go in playstore and download supersu application and open it, then opening will receive a message to update su binary and tap update and then the normal shortly after finishing the installation will ask you to restart the device and you touches restart . After restarting will already be rooted.

Method for Lollipop and KitKat (With PC): Files Needed:

LG One Click Root – Download Here

Drivers –Download Here

Visual C ++ Redistributable (if not) – Download Here

Steps: In Tablet: Go Settings> Information about the software. Staying clicking the mounting number until it is not necessary you have is a developer . Once this is done you will see that opened a new tab in the settings menu, the Developer Options tab, open it and inside it check the box USB debugging . Leave the USB connection in Storage Mode On the PC: Connect the tablet to the PC USB Debugging Download and install all programs. After that open the LG One Click Root of your desktop as administrator Click start, wait a bit and will reset tablet 2 times during the process. At the end will appear done If not Done and does not work please contact me here in the comments that I help

Source: XDA / avicohh


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