How To Root And Cwm For BLU Life Play L100I!L100a

Pre Requirements To Root And Install Cwm On BLU Life Play L100 And L100a :-

MTK_USBDriver (Software for root)
Mobileuncle 20130619v2.9.3

1- If you are using Windows, make sure you have installed the drivers available for your phone;
Extract all the contents of the file

2- On your Phone goto Setting  “USB Debugging” and “Unknown sources” .

3. Connect your device to PC via USB.

4 If you are using Windows, navigate to the extracted directory and run “run.bat”. If you are using Win7, run to left-click on the file and select “Run as administrator”. If you are using Win8, temporarily disable the “Run.bat” “run.bat” UAC (User Account Control).

5- After the whole process, the software will reboot the device and it will be with ROOT.


Extract all the contents of the zip file recovery. This will create a folder automatically;

Just copy the file directly to the SD card;[Recovery.img]

Enable the “Unknown sources” on your device and install the mobileuncletools. Grant superuser / permission SuperSU;

Select the options must be seen;/ Select (press) “Recovery Update”. —> Recovery.img

Tighten and a message asking you to confirm flash. —> Choose OK; After that, a message warns. —-> Select OK;recovery.img

Ready, CWMv6.0.4.4-CTRv2.5 is installed.



  1. diana

    any one have custom or stock rom for this phone

  2. michel

    Good evening.
    I have a problem with my blu life play x L102,
    After breaking my display, I made ​​the switch and it worked for a while and began to look like stripes on the display and then went out, I saw that was with the (Backlight) problem LEDs were not lighting, led screen, most were well off, with a flashlight under the display could see the images and touch running perfect, I thought it might be the display with problems and asked the exchange, to test the new fabric, same problem (Backlight) screen off, only flashlight to see. I spent the multimeter in chains of two screens and was passing energy. I believe that to be a problem in the main board. I’ve had this problem with other phones, it was only taking or jumpear components in until someone has a diagram or picture of how to return to normal screen of this device?

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