Pre Requirements  To Root Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 :

Before starting the process to obtain permits to Root Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7, you must do some things:

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  • You need a computer and the proper drivers installed on it.
  • If you do not have drivers for the device
  • Back up all important data on the device to store them securely.
  • Make sure to enable the USB debugging mode that you can find in the Options for developers


  • If developers do not see the options in the settings, click Settings in the Information section in the build number of the device about 7 times.
  • Charge the battery of the device to at least 70 percent in order to avoid the procedure being interrupted.
  • Finally, download the files from the download section below.

Downloads  To Root Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 :

To obtain permission to Root Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 will have to download the file from the download link as they are necessary and essential for this guide.

Obtaining permission to Root Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

We begin with the procedure and with the instructions that you should follow carefully.

  • After downloading files onto your computer from the previous section, you have to extract them.
  • Uninstall any driver Kindle installed on your computer, after connecting the device using a USB cable.
  • After that, go to the Device Manager in Windows.
  • Select ” Mobile Devices “click with the right mouse button and select” Properties “.
  • Go to “Driver” and then ” Uninstall. “
  • Now disconnect the device from the PC.
  • Install drivers ADB downloaded in the previous section.
  • Now go to ” Settings “on the Kindle and then” Security “and enable” ADB On “.
  • Now connect again the Kindle to your PC.
  • Now expected to be detected automatically and the installation is complete.
  • Now navigate to the folder where you extracted Bin4ry Method and then run the file ” runme.bat “.
  • Then choose option 1.
  • On the Kindle, select ” backup my data “and expects you back up the data on the device.
  • After that click on ” Restore Data “, and then wait to be restored.
  • The device will reboot, after which let it restart again.
  • Now again you need to select ” Restore data “and again leave restart the device.
  • After that, you will need to install  SuperSU on the device through the Google Play Store.

This is the guide to getting the permits for Root Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 in a few clicks. In case you are experiencing any problems you can contact us via the comments below.

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