How to restart Chrome without losing tabs

The situation is really typical: you are using Chrome for a few hours and the extension you just installed warns you that, to complete the installation process, you must restart the browser. But you have opened numerous tabs in Chrome, all important. What are you doing? You delay restarting Chrome as the tabs you have open are too essential to be closed at that time.

Maybe you don’t know that you can restart Chrome without risking losing all tabs that you opened. Do you want to try? After explaining to you how to transfer Google Chrome tabs between iPhone, iPad, and Mac today we tell you how to restart Chrome without losing open tabs.

Restore the Chrome tabs from the last session

Restore the Chrome tabs from the last session

Unless you regularly clear your browsing history, Chrome should be able to keep the history sessions. In this way, the browser can restore an entire session with all your tabs the next time you open Chrome. And yes, even after you’ve restarted your PC.

How to do it? Follow these simple steps:

  1. First, open Chrome, and click on the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner
  2. Choose Chronology and then look under the heading “Recently closed”
  3. Here you can see a list of Chrome tabs recently closed
  4. Click on the list to restore the session
  5. And that’s it, your cards at this point will have been restored.

Create a shortcut to restart Chrome

To start saving all the tabs you have open, you need to make the Favorites bar visible by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B. Once the bookmarks bar is visible, right-click on space and select the “Add page” option.

The moment you view the “Edit bookmark” window, give it a name similar to “Restart Chrome” and, in the URL box, type chrome: // restart. Then click on Save. Now the page you opened when you created this bookmark will be saved with the rest of the bookmarks.

Create a shortcut to restart Chrome

When you click on this link, it will trigger Chrome restart, along with the cards that you had opened. We recommend that you get used to using this bookmark in the future: this way, you will be able to see all your tabs every time you restart your browser.

This is a very useful option that can help you cope with those little inconveniences that happen, very frequently, when you use your pc for many hours. Let’s say, for example, you used Chrome late and were so tired that you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore: mechanically you turned off your computer, without thinking about the tabs you had opened in Chrome. But fear not: you also have another option that allows you to pick up all your activities from where you left off.

To enable this feature, click on the three dots at the top right of the browser and then click on Settings. Here look for the wording “On startup” and tick the option “Continue where you left off”. From this point on, if you stop – for any reason – browsing the browser, you will not lose the tabs you had open. Of course, this tip also applies to your Chromebook!

Use OneTab to save your tabs

You want to restart Chrome without losing the open tabs and you are willing to use an extension? Then you should try OneTab, the Chrome extension that saves all the tabs you have open in a list. Whenever you open too many tabs on your browser, just click on the OneTab icon to convert all cards into an ordered list. Plus, when you need to access your cards again, just restore them individually or all at once.

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