How to restart an Android mobile if touching screen not working

restart mobile without touching screen

Something that we usually do on our mobile and does not usually generate any difficulty is to restart the mobile, something that would not have to become a problem if everything worked as it should. This would only consist of pressing the shutdown button and then choosing on the screen if we want to turn it off or restart it, but difficulties may appear around technology.

The moment something doesn’t work properly, we are forced to pull out our wits and invent alternative methods to restart the mobile without touching the screen and thereby achieve what we need. On many occasions, we have recommended you to solve mobile problems by just restarting it, although the difficult thing is to achieve this when it is impossible.

Why do we need to restart the mobile like this?

Obviously, if everything worked well on our mobile we would not have to ask ourselves alternative methods to turn off or restart the mobile, but in our case, we are faced with a problem. Among them, the most repeated occur when the mobile screen cannot be seen, but it also appears when it has been decalibrated or has stopped working.

bad turn off mobile

These situations can appear due to a bug in the software, resulting in a restart that is fixed several times. Other times the error may be due to a fall or bump, which will not always be solved with a restart but by trying we do not lose anything. The case where it is not going to happen is because we have a mobile with us that we do not know the key or unlocking system since in this case, we can always turn off the mobile with the traditional method.

All methods to turn off the mobile without touching the screen

In technology, there is usually not only one way that gives us the way to the desired solution, but there are many alternatives that arise, for that reason we will give you all the keys with which you can try to restart the Android mobile. Some of them sure end up working and being the solution we needed.

Hold off button

The first alternative and the most seed to reinitialize is to keep the shutdown button pressing, with some patience and only with the typical shutdown button, we will achieve our purpose. However, this option is not feasible for all brands and models, so we can only trust and try.

Samsung function button

The time it usually takes for this to work by holding the paid button ranges from 10 seconds to 20 seconds, if in this time you have not achieved anything, you may have to stop trying and try another of the methods that we show you.

The winning button combination

In case the previous option has not been useful, what if it works is to choose to keep the power button and the volume down button pressed at the same time. In other cases, the combination changes, and instead what we will do is keep the power button and the volume up button at the same time.

Recovery Android

With this what I will get is force restart or on some occasions, it will take us to the Recovery Menu, the one we use to format the mobile but we will not do it in this case. In this, we will run into the need to use if or if the volume buttons to move and the power button to turn off or on.

We will only have to place ourselves where it says «Restart» or in English «Reboot System Now» and touch the power button once, after confirming it the mobile will restart and nothing will be deleted from the phone.

Nevertheless to alter the recovery menu we could make a mistake and choose a different option that causes the system to reset itself and therefore we recommend doing these steps very carefully.

Trust the battery to drain

One hope that we have at our disposal for the mobile to turn off by itself is that the battery will end up draining at one point or another. This however can be extended depending on whether the screen works or not. In case of being able to force the battery consumption to turn it off, it will be convenient to open the mobile camera, activate the GPS and all the connectivity tools.

low battery

Once the mobile runs out of battery, it will switch it off immediately and this will lead us to our next requirement to complete reboot, which consists of connecting the mobile to the charger and later when it has charged for a few minutes, opt for the this, we will have achieved the desired restart without having to touch the screen in any case.

Connect the computer mouse to the mobile

A solution that not everyone knows and that does not usually occur to those who know is that the moment the mobile screen does not work to restart it or do anything else, we can always choose to connect an OTG adapter that in some smartphones is included in its box.

otg cable

Buy OTG adapter for Android

If you don’t have it, you just have to get one and after connecting it to the mobile input, plug in the computer mouse to get it to work on the screen without any other difficulty. This will allow us to keep the shutdown button and later with the mouse choose the reboot option on Android that will solve our situation.

An app that changes the rules

As long as the volume buttons continue to exist on smartphones, we will have the possibility of re-mapping and therefore not adapting these buttons with the app Remapper buttons, a simple app that manages to change the purpose of raising or lowering the volume so that when we press it, it chooses the restart option.

We can leave this app ready on our smartphone with the help of the mouse in case the screen no longer works or anticipate events and have it ready on our mobile before an error with the screen that limits us to restart it.

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