Remove Watermarks From Photos


Removing watermarks from photos or other types of content, be they images or videos, can be a rather concrete need for many users.

If in many cases a logo or watermarked writing is used on purpose for reasons of rights, this is not always the case. Sometimes it can just be the date and time on a photo or video.

Regardless of the reason for this presence, there is some special software that allows you to “clean” the content. For this purpose, we have decided to adopt Watermark Remover, a program from Apowersoft able to perform this task with great simplicity and efficiency. The same is available for Windows platform and, more precisely, from Windows 7 to later versions.

In fact, compared to many other solutions, this proves adaptable to any type of user: both the occasional and those who have this need on a daily basis. In the next few lines, we will carefully analyze the peculiarities that make this application one of the most popular in the sector.

Watermarked image to remove
Watermarked image to remove
Watermarked image removed with Watermark Remover
Watermarked image removed with Watermark Remover

How to remove watermarks from photos (and other content) with Watermark Remover

The software we are focusing on offers both a standard mode of operation (free) and an alternative called VIP. This provides for a one-off subscription, upon payment of 39 euros, or annual subscriptions from 29 euros, as well as monthly from 19 euros. Also, for OutOfBit readers, the coupon 1138A-70A17-F4F1H-448AF is available which guarantees 1 month of free use

Watermark Remover, from the first screen, offers all the jobs it can do. Everything is automated and, in fact, the user has to make just a few clicks to get the desired result, regardless of the action he is about to perform. Broadly speaking, we will explain each task offered to you.

Watermark removal from photos

Logos, writings, dates, and any other type of disturbance present on photos and images can be easily removed using this practical tool.

Once an image has been uploaded, it is possible to change it by selecting the area where the watermark is present. Once this is done, just click on the Convert button to get a new image in which any kind of “interference” has been eliminated.

Watermark removal from video

When it comes to removing the watermark from a video, the procedure is almost identical to the previous one. By selecting the logo or writing you want to remove, you can click Convert to get a clean video.

Obviously, in this case, the processing time takes a few tens of seconds (depending on the length of the movie).

Please note: non-VIP users may have limitations regarding the duration of the video in which the watermark was removed.

Tiktok logo removal

Watermark Remover also works particularly accurately on the videos of the well-known social network Tiktok. It is a tool similar to the previous one, but which allows you to work specifically on the contents present online in the aforementioned platform.

Using the link to the video content directly, it is possible to download the same locally obtaining a version without any kind of watermark.

Added watermark to photos

The program proposed by Apowersoft also allows you to perform the reverse operation, that is to affix your own watermark on a property photo.

Those who intend to protect their images, therefore, can use this service to create a watermark that makes them difficult to “steal”. Also in this case, the software guarantees maximum ease of use.

Added watermark to video

The last feature presented by Watermark Remover concerns adding watermark to video content. If as far as photos are concerned this task is usually simple, software such as the one we are talking about is indispensable for movies.

Also, in this case, Watermark Remover strikes for simplicity and speed of use: in a few seconds and a few clicks, you can put your logo on your video. This is not a useful but essential function for videomakers, whether they are professionals or YouTubers and/or amateur streamers.