How to remove or make temporary un-root a android phone or tablet

By | Wednesday, Jan 16 2013 4:28PM


Those who have the mobile or tablet rooteada, we know that for example in Google Movies can not enter, other than we know that Android updates can not be made ​​via OTA (when it comes to update you from the mobile version). For these applications we achieve can overcome these drawbacks.

– Voodoo OTA RootKeeper

Very simple to use, and effective with my xoom xperia arc s 2 and, according to the manual, it will not work if you have HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy S / SII.

If we update via OTA, we have to run the temp-unroot then run the update to Android.

–  Temp Root Remover

Is also very simple to use.

– Ginger unroot (surcharge)

He says you should install the Superuser, do not put anything if you have the SuperSu. And what it does is take away the root permanently.

– Hide Root  (surcharge)

The developer warns that there have been errors with Samsung and HTC, and do not forget to click “UnHideYourRoot” if you’re going to uninstall it and is currently in “HideYourRoot”