Did you know that you can make phone calls with Windows 10? Through a special application, it is possible to connect the operating system Microsoft to any Android device.

Even if few people know this feature, it can become extremely convenient, especially for those who, for business reasons (but not only), have to face long and exhausting calls. The requirements to be able to use this utility are quite basic, as we will see below, and make the procedure for completing this type of operation quite easy.

make phone calls with Windows 10


What do you need to make phone calls with Windows 10?

In order to effectively connect Windows 10 to an Android smartphone, it is necessary to check that the Windows update dating back to is installed on the computer on May 10, 2019 (or a later version).

If you are unsure which version of Windows you are using, go to SettingsSystemInformation about your computer and look at the voice Version. The first two digits shown represent the year and the last two digits indicate the month of the update. If the update is earlier than the aforementioned date, you can proceed by updating the system through SettingsUpdate and security and then clicking Check for updates.

The next step concerns Bluetooth. Both the phone and the PC must have Bluetooth enabled to be able to share a call. Most desktops/laptops running Windows 10 are equipped with Bluetooth functionality, so you shouldn’t have any problems. Eventually, you can rely on a small (and cheap) dongle to connect computers and smartphones.

For compatibility reasons, it is not currently possible to rely on an iPhone to be able to receive calls on the PC. Specifically, the Android device must mount an operating system version 7.0 or later.

If you want to check the OS version you can go to SettingsPhone information and get the information you need.

Settings - Phone information

How to configure Windows 10 to make and receive calls

You need to set up your phone on both your Android device and your computer before you can start making calls. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download and install Your Phone on your PC (first, check the list of programs in case the app is already installed);
  • install its application on your Android device since Google Play Store;
  • start Your Phone on both your PC and your phone (connect both your devices to the same Wi-Fi network);
  • using Your Phone on your PC, select Android, and click Keep it going. You will see a QR code on the screen;
  • on your Android phone, select the item to scan the code, then point the phone at the QR that appeared on the display;
  • on the PC app now, you can click end. The mobile app, on the other hand, requires a click on the Continue item;
  • touch Allow to allow the phone to view your saved contacts, make and manage phone calls, access files and view messages, and select Keep it going;
  • touch Allow at the prompt to allow the app to run in the background on the phone, followed by Allow again and then end;
  • on your PC, select Pin App to Taskbar to add Your Phone to the taskbar. Then, click It begins;
  • Click Make a call in the resulting screen;
  • awards It begins to set up the call option in Your Phone on your PC, then presses Configure to modify the call configurations;
  • after that, you will receive an authorization request on your phone. Touch You open followed by Allow to give the ok;
  • the phone will display a pairing code Bluetooth. Touch Pair. Even in a PC environment, an almost identical request will appear;
  • To view the call log on your PC, click Send authorization in the app on your computer and, accordingly, accept the authorization by tapping Allow on the phone.

How to make a call

Now that your phone is set up on both of your devices, you can finally try how it works. In this sense:

  • Start Your Phone on your computer;
  • Click on the phone in the left sidebar and select Calls in the menu;
  • a dialer appears on the right. Enter the number you want to call and click the call button below;
  • make a call with your phone;
  • you get an incoming call on your Windows 10 PC

When your Android phone receives an incoming call, a notification about it appears on your computer. You can then choose to accept or decline the call directly on your PC.

hoose to accept or decline the call directly on your PC

How to reset the Your Phone app in case of problems

If the software stops working or exhibits anomalous behavior, you can act by restoring the software both in an Android environment and on a PC.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to SettingsApps, and notifications on your phone;
  • find the specific app in the list and tap on it;
  • select Storage and cache;
  • touch Clear memory followed by Clear cache;
  • open the app to reconfigure it.

What has been said so far, of course, goes from an Android smartphone perspective. And on PC instead? Before acting on Windows 10 it is good to disconnect the two devices. To disconnect the phone:

  • Launch the app Settings;
  • click Phone;
  • select the option Unplug this PC.

So it is possible to proceed with the recovery in this way:

  • log in to the app Settings;
  • Click on App;
  • find and click Your Phone;
  • select Advanced options;
  • Click the button Reset.

Start making phone calls on Windows 10!

With Your Phone, you can bring the native call functionality of your Android device directly to your Windows 10 computer. As described above, once the system is set up, just activate the Bluetooth connection to fully enjoy this functionality.

If for some reason you can’t get your phone to work, there are actually many other apps you can use to make internet calls from your computer, such as Skype even if, in case you need to use a normal telephone line, Your Phone is perhaps the most suitable solution.