How To Publish Instagram Reels in Stories or By DM

Instagram Reels in Stories or By DM

Do you want to post a Reel on Instagram but not on your feed? The good thing about this new functionality is that you can publish them wherever you want, and it is the reason why some Reels disappear and others do not.

What does this mean? That you can also publish your Reels in the Stories and even send them by DMDo you want to learn how to do it? Then keep reading.

How can you create your own Instagram Reels to share?

We recently published a very complete guide on doubts and questions about Instagram Reels. In it, we tell you what the Reels are, how to delete them, how to see those of other users, and many other things, so do not forget to keep an eye on them.

In it, we also talk about how you can create your Reels, but we are going to refresh it because it is something closely related to the topic we are talking about. To create a Reel you just have to do this:

  1. Access the editing panel (Instagram camera) by sliding to the Left from the main screen.
  2. Among the options that appear below, slide until you enter “Reels”.
  3. Press the record button to start recording your Reel.

Note: remember that you can stop and resume recording as many times as you want to record multiple clips in a single video. Likewise, you can also add a video that you have in the gallery.

  1. Customize your Reel by adding effects, music, camera cuts, filters, and more with the editing tools.
  2. Press the button with the right arrow to enter the final editing panel, to add stickers and stuff.
  3. Press the button again and you will get to the sharing options. By default, you will enter the “Reels” tab so that you can share it in your feed and in the “Explore” section, but there is a second tab called “Stories”.
  4. Select the option you want and voila, your Reel is now ready for the world to see.

However, let’s dive a little deeper into the publishing options.

How you can share Instagram Reels in your feed and in the “Explore” tab

As we already mentioned, this is the tab that you will find by default when sharing a Reel. In it, you can choose if you want to publish it only in the “Explore” tab of Instagram, or in your Feed. How to do it:

  1. Once you have your Reel recorded and edited, go to the “Reels” tab in the sharing options.
  2. Add the description to your video and select a frame that will be the cover.
  3. Choose where you want to share the Reel :
    • To publish it both in the “Explore” tab and in your feed, you just have to activate the option “Also share in the Feed”.
    • To publish only in the “Explore” tab, uncheck the option.
  4. Press “Share”.
  5. Ready!

How you can share your Instagram Reels in your Stories for your friends to see

Thanks to the second tab that we talked about earlier, Instagram allows you to publish your Reels in other places in the application. If you want to publish any in your stories you will only have to do the following:

  1. When your Reel is ready, go to the “Stories” tab within the sharing options menu.
  2. You will find two options, publish in your story, or publish only for your best friends, select the one you prefer by pressing “Share.
  3. Press “Done” and that’s it, it’s that simple.

Remember that by publishing a Reel in your stories it will only be available to view for 24 hours. Once the time expires, it will disappear, although you can always find it in your file.

So you can share your Instagram Reels by DM so that they only see it once

The last method you can use to share a Reel on Instagram is through direct messages. This not only allows you to be very precise when choosing who will see it, but it also has something additional: the Reel can be seen only once before it is destroyed. How can you do it? As easy as it is to share it on a Storie:

  1. When you finish editing your Reel, go to the “Stories” tab within the sharing menu.
  2. Select one by one the groups of friends you want to receive the Reel in private. Can’t find someone on the list? Then lean on the search bar.
  3. Press “Done” and that’s it.

As you could see, posting a Reel anywhere on Instagram is really simple, and now that you know it, it’s time to enjoy it, right? Have we helped you?

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