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How to prevent mobile apps from closing themselves

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It is quite common, although the exact opposite is believed, that the apps on our mobile device are closed by themselves. This problem is more common than we think and the causes can be totally different. But luckily, some solutions can lead us to put an end to that problem.

Some solutions will be very easy and fast, that in just a few minutes we will ensure that our mobile does not have any failure with the apps. Instead, there will be other tricks that will be more complex and may even be a headache. Therefore, we will explain to you which are the best methods to be able to test in our terminal and end automatic closing of apps.

Why do apps close on their own?

One of the most repeated questions in many users is “¿¿Why are my applications closing on their own?? ”. And it is not for less, since in most of the occasions that this happens to us we are using this problematic application to upload an image, answer someone or listen to music, and we have to open it again.

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Although it is not the end for our mobile, since there are several reasons why applications stop, which have a solution. Some of the most common problems that we can find are due to a lack of RAM, problems with the Android System Webview, that the application is not updated causing its malfunction …

How can I fix it?

Today it is impossible to find a magic solution for some of the bugs that we have mentioned previously, but they could help us to avoid closing apps on Android be so persistent. In addition, there are different habits of use of our terminal that will help us so that while we are using an application, it is as good as possible.

Among them, it will be good to have both the app and the operating system updated, always check that we have an Internet connection, and clean the mobile cache on some occasions. But, indeed, we will not be able to completely prevent from happening to us again the inconvenience of the app being closed. On the other hand, we will achieve that the mobile has a better performance and higher speed.

Check the Website

The first thing we should do before anything else if the apps on our mobile device close on their own are to check the review. Sometimes it gives us a series of errors causing the apps to close by themselves on Android. However, it does not occur in all smartphone models, but it has been a failure that has yet to be fully resolved.

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Which leads us to uninstall Android System Webview updates. Therefore, we will see how to access it and solve the different errors that it causes us in the terminal in the simplest way by following a series of steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Applications.
  2. In the list of apps on the mobile device, we must search Android System Webview or, WebView of the Android system, since it will depend on the mobile model. If in your case it does not appear, go to the upper right menu and choose Show system applications.
  3. Once we are in your menu, you will have to click on Uninstall updates.

Update the app

If the previous trick does not work for us, we must choose another alternative, which will be to check for app updates problematic from Google Play. To do this, we will only have to enter Google Play, click on the three stripes in the upper left, and click on My applications and games. Then, we will have to go into the Updates tab, where we can see, check and update the apps that we have installed on our Android mobile.

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Try “Force Stop”

Another of the tricks that we can try will be to force stop the app which is closing itself. To do this, you will have to enter the settings of your smartphone and access the applications menu. After this, we will have to find the app that we want to make work well and enter its configuration. Later, we will see that a button appears that says “Force stop”, and we will only have to press it. Then, we will reopen the application and check if it continues to close itself from time to time.

Try restarting your mobile

It is something that we use many times for other problems, but it is a trick that usually works more than we think. So, if you have our apps that have started to close from one moment to another without us doing it, it will be a good idea to try to restart our mobile device, and surely there is a good chance that it will be fixed.

Clear the data

It must be clear that, if we choose this method, the app data will be erased. That is, it will return to its initial state as if we had just installed it in our terminal. In addition to that, it will lead us to lose all the settings that we have made in the said app and other personal information that we use with the application.

delete data google huawei

Therefore, if you delete the data, we recommend making a backup of the information that we want to continue to have. In the case of Google applications, even if we delete the data, the information will be saved in the account and can be downloaded again if we wish. To do this, we must do the following:

  1. Go into Settings> Applications.
  2. We will have to find the app that has this error and enter its configuration.
  3. Access ‘Storage’.
  4. Inside it, the option Delete data, which you must press to delete all the data that the mobile has saved from said application.

With this option, the problem of closing problematic applications should be fixed, but we must take into account the warning of uploading the data to the cloud so as not to lose it. Although, you can also choose the simplest option, which will be to clear app cache data and test if it works well. Otherwise, we will only have the previous method.

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