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How to prevent apps from being installed without permission

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Surely it has happened to more than one when installing a certain app from Google Play, He has seen how in the following minutes, hours, or days, different apps have been installed of which he had no evidence. And it is a reality that affects more people than we think. And although for many the only alternative they know is to eliminate them, it will not always work, since they will be reinstalled or simply will not let them do it like that without more.

In addition, no matter how much insistence we have in power to end these types of downloads, we do not find the definitive key to do it. What causes, that many decide to go to a specialized technician having to spend money to find a solution that ends that nightmare. For this reason, we bring you a series of tips and recommendations so that you can fix this big problem.

It may be the fault of malware

Malware, viruses, and different malicious programs are a reality that affects hundreds of mobile devices every day and represents a real headache for their users. And, even though Google’s operating system has greater security against these threats, the truth is that it is not unbreakable and may have some vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by cybercriminals or hackers.

One of the main routes of this type of malicious users is giving through application installation, even if they are from the Google Play Store. Since one of the problems that can arise, at any time, is the fact that they install themselves on our mobile device without having given our permission in advance.

But does that mean that our mobile is infected? To do this, the best way to know it without having to be constantly alert is to have a specialized app for it, such as Virus Total, which will analyze our terminal looking for possible malware. So it is advisable to use it to discover if we are prey to some type of virus. However, if we have suffered the problem that we have mentioned above, it is most likely that it is infected, but do not worry, because there are different possible solutions to fix it.

Where are they installed from?

One of the first steps we must follow is to find out the source from which they have been installed such programs. However, these could vary depending on the terminal model we have. To do this, we will have to enter the mobile device settings, open Applications, and notifications, and then click Applications.

android system applications

Once inside, we will have to look for one of those that have been installed on their own in our smartphone. Afterward, we will have to enter it to see its information and, in it, certain details would have to appear that indicate us from which place or store the installation has been carried out. In addition, we will be able to know if it is running or not on our mobile, where it will also give us the possibility of carrying out an action that we will comment on later.

Prevent more apps from being installed

When they are installed on our mobile without having given any type of permission, many users throw their hands at their heads, since they do not know what is happening on their terminals. And although it is not a good sign, you do not have to panic, since we will explain how you have to act so that your smartphone is not damaged. In addition, we will make it clear to you how the steps to follow in each of the different options that we are going to teach you will be.

Disable the apps they have installed

After following the tips above, it is time to act against these apps. For this reason, we will have to access Settings> Applications and look for those that have been downloaded by themselves on our mobile device. When we are inside them, we will be in the information of the said application, so then we will have to press the option of To disable or Disable. By using this function we will ensure that it can run in the background, thus consuming system resources or even worse, such as our data.

disable apps on android

Block the installation of Android applications

We can try two ways to try to block them from being installed on our mobile devices. The first will be to restrict them by going into Settings> Advanced settings> Special access> Installing unknown apps, in there we will deactivate this function. With this, we will be able to block those apps in APK format, which have been downloaded directly from the Internet.

The other alternative will be, much simpler, and that will work for the Google store, it will be to enable the function of Parental control. To do this, we must enter the Play Store> Settings> Parental control. Once we have reached that section, we will activate the switch that appears at the top of the configuration page and it will ask us for a pin code with which this configuration will be protected to prevent it from being deactivated.

How to remove apps and viruses

After analyzing our mobile or noticing that we could have a virus or malware, the only way to say goodbye to this will be by performing one of the following techniques. Which, we will show you and leave you all the steps to follow to put an end to this problem. Although, we will only have to carry out the following processes if none of the previous solutions has served you.

Use Safe Mode

To be able to eliminate with greater security these apps that are being downloaded without any type of control in our terminal, we recommend you try to use Safe Mode. To do this, we will have to press the power button on our mobile. After this, the off button must be pressed until the “Off” button appears.

Xiaomi safe mode

Once it appears on the screen, we will press OK so that the terminal restarts in Safe Mode. When turned on, the message “Safe Mode” Will appear in a corner of the terminal screen, although it may vary depending on the make or model. When we are inside, we can access information about applications and gradually delete them.

Reset the mobile to its factory settings

It may not be necessary to reset our terminal, but if this is your case, you have to know that with this function we will put the device to its state in which it was at the time of purchase. With this, we will erase all the configurations and customizations of the terminal, in addition to erasing all the downloaded applications and their data.

Reset Android

So it is advisable to make a backup copy of what we want to save. To do this, you will have to do the following:

  1. Access Settings> enter the System menu.
  2. Go to Recovery Options or Reset Device. When you’re inside, check the option Reset phone or Clear all data.
  3. Then a series of instructions will appear on the mobile screen. After that, it will restart and it will be necessary to reconfigure it again when it is Ciencia.

Hard Reset, the last option

This will be the last of the alternatives that we have to consider if we have not managed to end the problem with the previous tips and solutions. And it is that, usually, when you need to make a Hard reset It is because there is a problem that is greatly affecting the Smartphone.

hard reset

And although it is similar to Resetting the mobile to its factory state, you can also eliminate any type of virus or malware that is in its internal memory. the internal memory of the phone and will create it again free of failures. The steps that we must follow to make a Hard Reset to your Android phone are the following:

  • Turn off the phone> access the Recovery menu. To do this, we must press the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Although this combination of buttons could change since it depends on the manufacturer.
  • After this, we must keep them until the Recovery menu of the mobile appears.
  • Once inside, you will have to navigate through the menu with the volume keys until you find the Wipe Data or Factory Reset options> press the power button to execute the action. With this, we will have eliminated any type of virus from our smartphones.

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