How To Play Original Need for Speed: Underground 2 on Android

Today we play the legendary Need for Speed: Underground 2 on Android, probably the best street racing and tuning game in history. We tell you step by step how to play it on your mobile thanks to the emulators.

Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 is one of the most memorable car racing video games in history. Released in 2004 for Windows and the consoles of the time (PS2, GameCube, Xbox) as a sequel to the successful Need for Speed: Underground, the game improved what was seen in that first title, especially in terms of vehicles and customization options, and above all everything added free mode, one of its main features, which allowed us to drive as we pleased with our tuned cars through the streets of the fictional city Bayview.

Much to our regret, a mobile version that was up to par was never released. But now, almost 20 years after its launch, and thanks to the emulation possibilities we have on Android, we can take a trip to the past and play Need for Speed: Underground 2 on our mobile. Let’s see how to do it!

Prerequisites: Which emulator to use?

Currently, we have 2 functional options to play Need for Speed: Underground 2 on Android: use a PlayStation 2 emulator or a GameCube emulator. Either version works correctly and they are practically the same, although depending on the power of our mobile, it will be more convenient to use one or the other.

For mid-range mobile phones, we recommend playing the GameCube version, since Dolphin is an emulator with more experience and is more optimized than PS2 emulators, a console that was technically more complex and, therefore, more difficult to emulate. with quality.


But if we have a high-end mobile phone (we are talking about at least a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor onwards, and preferably one of the Snapdragon 8 Gen emulators.

On the other hand, as we always warn, for legal reasons we cannot provide links to game ROMs, and the only legal way to get the game is to dump it from the original game.

Steps to play Need for Speed: Underground 2 on Android

Underground 2 on Android

To play Need for Speed: Underground 2 on Android, we will only have to install the necessary emulator and indicate the path the game is on. Let’s see it step by step.

Install the emulator

Install the emulator

In our case we will use the GameCube version to do this tutorial, so we will install Dolphin, the best GameCube emulator for Android. In any case, we also leave you the link to install the PS2 emulator:

Create the games folder

Create the games folder

If this is the first time you are using either emulator, you will have to create a folder in your phone’s memory where you will store the games so that the emulator can detect them.

At AMS we like to be organized, in our case, we have a folder called “Emulation“, and within it individual folders for each console. Since we are going to use the PS2 version, we will need the PS2 folder, but if you are going to use the GameCube version, you can create the “GameCube” folder.

Add the game to the folder

Add the game to the folder

With the folder already created, we will add the Need for Speed: Underground 2 ROM, which must be in .iso format.

Indicate the folder path

Indicate the folder path

Now, we will enter the newly installed emulator. If it is the first time, we will have to tell the emulator what is the path of the game folder that we have created and in which we have stored the game. This way the emulator will recognize the file.

To play!

To play!

If everything has gone well, on the main screen of the emulator we will see the games we have, and we should see Need for Speed: Underground 2. Now, we just have to press it, and in a matter of seconds it will start and we will be able to play this gem from EA.

As always, its operation and performance will depend on the power of the device we are using.

Other versions of Need for Speed: Underground 2 to play on Android

In addition to the GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions, Need for Speed: Underground 2 was also released for Windows computers, so with a Windows emulator we could also emulate the game on our Android. The bad news is that emulation of this system is still in a very early stage of development, and an extremely powerful device is required for it to work. Some options are Box4Droid or Winlator.

There is also a version of NFS: Underground 2 for Nintendo DS, although it has little or nothing to do with the version for home consoles due to the obvious technical limitations of the portable. Still, if you’re interested in trying it out, you can see our guide on how to play the Nintendo DS on Android.

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