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How to pin messages on Telegram?

pin messages on Telegram

Do you want your contacts to always read some important information when chatting with you on Telegram? So the best thing you can do is pin the messages you send to the top of the chat. Don’t you know how to do it? Well, calm down, because here we will explain how to pin messages on Telegram quickly and without getting involved.

How to pin messages in a personal chat, group, or Telegram channel

How to pin messages in a personal chat

The function that Telegram offers you to pin messages to the top of chats is the “Set” button. Read carefully the steps that you will see below to start using this button.

  • Open the app from Telegram.
  • Enter the chat, group, or channel where you want to post an important message.
  • Find the message you are going to anchor and touch it gently.
  • Now you will see a pop-up menu with various options. Press the “Set” button.
  • Telegram will show you a notice. Here you will see a box that gives you the option to set the message in both chats. Check the box and press the “Fix” option to anchor the message and finish the process.

You must keep several things in mind regarding pin messages in groups or Telegram channels. In groups, anyone can post messages if the administrator allows it. Of course, it usually happens that the administrator configures the group’s permissions so that he is the only one who anchors messages.

In the channels, this is very different. In these chats, You can only pin messages if you are an administrator. Subscribers cannot do this at any time.

This is how you will anchor the messages of your Telegram chats! Did you like this feature? Will you use the “Set” button on your Telegram? Do not forget to leave us your opinion in the comments.

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