Pair IWO W506 Smartwatch

In this tutorial, we will show you how to connect and configure the smartwatch IWO W506 on your mobile phone. The w506 smartwatch uses bluetooth technology to sync your data with your phone. Once the connection between the devices has been made, the information available and referring to the resources (including the 8 sports modes) made available by the watch, can be easily seen in the application installed on the phone.

The IWO W506 has 8 sport modes to keep your body in shape during physical activity. When used, the user can view information on the number of steps, distance covered, calorie burn, heart rate, etc. The smartwatch has a hive menu where all the apps are located. Unfortunately, this model also doesn’t have the built-in GPS feature


How to connect the IWO W506?

The IWO W506 uses an app to synchronize with the cell phone. Below are steps to connect the watch using the active app.

  1. Download and install the MActive application on your mobile phone. You can also use the QR Code printed on the packaging or by dragging the watch screen from top to bottom.
  2. Activate the phone’s Bluetooth and check if the same function is also activated on the watch. On the IWO W506, drag the screen from the bottom to the top or go to Settings > BT settings and tap “ On ”.
  3. Then open the app and add the requested personal information, accept the terms, etc.
  4. Once that’s done, tap the “ Devices ” tab located in the footer.
  5. Then, almost at the top of the screen, tap the “ Add device ” button and wait to find the clock.
  6. Tap the model name “ Watch 6 ” to start pairing.
  7. Tap “ Pair ” and then “ Allow ” to enable cell phone notifications on the watch.
  8. Ready! Now the IWO W506 smartwatch is connected to your mobile phone.

There are 4 displays in the system, plus you can use various watch faces through the app, and you can also customize and download others. The IWO W506 has induction charging and its battery lasts 2-3 days.