How to pair Ipega 9087 Gamepad

How to pair Ipega 9087 Gamepad

Learn how to pair the Ípega 9087 gamepad with your Android phone, Playstation, and PC. All the steps to connect the Ípega 9087 through the Bluetooth of your device, be it a smartphone, notebook or computer.

After your gamepad is paired or connected via USB to your PC, mobile phone or Playstation, you can configure the functions of the game buttons according to the functions, commands, and movements.

however, in order for you to be able to use the Ípega 9087 on your wireless PC, you will need to install a USB Bluetooth adapter, in notebooks it already comes standard. But this will not prevent you from using the controller on your PC, as you will have the option of connecting it via one of the USB ports. Below are the various ways for you to use your Ípega 9087 gamepad.

How to pair Ípega 9087 with the cell phone?

Step 1: Insert your phone correctly into the Ípega 9087 gamepad and then turn it on by sliding the button located on the left side.

Step 2: Then go to your phone’s settings and activate Bluetooth and without leaving this screen, press and hold the “ X ” and “ Home ” buttons on Ípega 9087 at the same time.

Step 3: The 04 gamepad lights will start to flash indicating the search for compatible devices. In the list of found devices, tap “ PG-9087 ” to pair the gamepad with the phone.

After this last step, the pairing process was successfully completed. Now see below how to connect it to the Windows computer. Remembering that

How to connect Ípega 9087 to PC or Notebook?

Here are the steps to pair the controller on the PC or Notebook. We remind you that if your computer does not have Bluetooth, you will need to use an adapter to make a wireless connection. If you do not have this feature, do the procedure via USB.

On Bluetooth:

Step 1: Turn on the controller and then activate it by simultaneously pressing the “ X ” and “ Home “ buttons .

Step 2: On the Windows 10 PC or notebook, go to the Start Menu > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and other devices .

Step 3: Now click on “ Add a Bluetooth device “, wait for the gamepad to be found.

Step 4: You will see the description “ Ready to pair “, click on “ PG-9028 ” and select the option “ Pair ” (if a window appears asking for a password, try typing “0000”, “1111”, “1234” or “9087”).

Step 5: The Windows system will start pairing and install the drivers for the operation of the Ípega 9087 and when the lights stop flashing, it means that both are connected and ready for use.

Note: If you want to check if the gamepad was correct, go to the Bluetooth device management screen and see the status “PG-9028 is connected”.


Step 1: Turn on the Ípega 9087 gamepad and then plug the corresponding end of the USB cable into it.

Step 2: Now press and hold the ” Start ” button on the controller, while connecting the other end of the cable to the USB port on the PC / Notebook. Note that the second control light is now permanently on.

Step 3: After completing these steps, just open the desired game and configure the commands for each button.

How to connect the Ípega 9087 to the Playstation

The procedure to connect this gamepad with PlayStation is very easy because it is identical to the connection via USB with the PC, see the steps:

  1. Plug the cable into the PlayStation’s rear USB port.
  2. Now press and hold the ” Start ” button and connect the other end of the cable to the gamepad.
  3. The lights will flash and after a few seconds, only the second will be on.

That done, you will be able to use all the PlayStation controls on the Ípega 9087 buttons, either in the settings or when playing.

How to configure the buttons in the game?

With Ípega 9087 connected or paired on some of the devices above, we will try to explain how to configure the button functions to use in the game. Below, the most common standards used in most emulators, cell phones and consoles.

In the emulator or cell phone:

  1. Run the emulator and then go to ” Gamepad Settings ” or ” Settings “.
  2. Click on ” Controls ” or ” Input ” and on the next screen, click on ” Key mappings ” or ” Button mapping “.
  3. Here, click on the buttons and then press on the control, the button that corresponds to each command selected before.
  4. Repeat the same steps to configure the other buttons.

On the console:

  1. Go to ” Preferences ” and then ” Controls “.
  2. On this screen, tap to select the button command, for example, the button ” move left (Left) ” and then press the button on the control to which the command will correspond.
  3. Do this with the other game commands until you have configured all the buttons on your gamepad.