How to pair DT94 Smartwatch with phone using WearPro


configure Smartwatch DT94 e1634654554459 - How to pair DT94 Smartwatch with phone using WearPro

Smartwatch DT94 is very easy to set up with the mobile. After activating Bluetooth, installing the app, and pairing the watch, you will be able to make callsreceive notifications, change the display, all directly on the dt94 screen.

Configure the application to be able to collect data on heart ratestep count, and sleep quality, in addition to the possibility of using different customizable watch faces. The DT94 smartwatch also features multi-sport modes to track and analyze physical performance via the application.

Pair DT94 smartwatch (sync with mobile)

1. First, we must activate the Bluetooth and location of the cell before starting the process to pair the DT94.

2. Now install the WearPro app on your mobile, it is available for free from the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

3. Open the app, accept the terms of use, and log in to the account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign in with your Google account. In the pop-up that opens, tap “ Allow ” and do this for everyone that opens on the screen.

4. Now go to the “ Device ” tab and tap the button with the description “ Device Linking ”.

5. In the list of smartwatches, tap the “ DT94 ” model. On the next screen, wait for the search to finish and then “ SmartWatch ” to connect the device.

6. Once this is done, the smartwatch DT94 will already be correctly connected to the cell phone.

the point, now you just have to configure the desired features and functions in the app.

Change or Customize watch faces on Smartwatch DT94

The DT94 watch faces or displays can be changed at any time by its user. Whether to match an accessory or just to change the look of the smartwatch. In addition to the various watch faces found in the app, you can also use photos and images from the phone’s gallery to customize your own watch faces.

Changing the watch face:

To access the watch faces of your DT94, tap “ Dial push ”. On the next screen, select the desired watch face and tap the button below with the description “ Start updating ”. It will be loaded and applied after the smartwatch restarts.

Dial push

Customizing a watch face:

See the steps below on how to customize a watch face and then use it as a display on the DT94 smartwatch.

Enter the dial push section of the WearPro app. Among the themes, tap the edit icon (pencil) on the watch faces of your choice. Remember that not all watch faces can be customized, only those that contain this icon.

Now tap the camera image superimposed on the watch face. On the next screen, you will see two options, take a picture with “ Camera ” or select from “ Album ”.

After that, select the photo/image to access the customization screen. Here, use the tools to adjust the image size or tap “ Reset ” to have this done automatically. Tap “ Done ” to confirm.

To apply your custom watch face as your watch face, tap “ Start updating ” and wait for the transfer to complete. The watch face will change right after the smartwatch restarts.

Additional Application Settings

Now we will teach you how to configure the WearPro app to sync other features of the DT94, such as enabling app notificationscall and SMS reminders, and making/answering calls right on the watch.

Enabling app notifications:

In the device section, tap “ Application notification ” and confirm “ Ok ” to be directed to the access notifications tab.

On this screen, enable WearPro and then click “ Allow ” to continue with the setup.

Go back to the previous screen and manually select the apps that will send notifications to the watch. If you want to receive from everyone, just enable the option “ Select all ”.

How to answer and make calls on DT94?

Configure this feature to make and receive calls on your DT94 watch. To do this, follow the instructions below:

On the watch, swipe the screen from top to bottom and tap the icon with the phone image to activate the feature. Then go to the app, select “ Bluetooth connection ” and then tap “ Pair new device ”.

In the “Available devices” section, tap “ Watch Audio0989 ” (or something similar) to connect. In the pop-up that opens, check the box with the description “ Allow access to your contacts and call history ” and tap “ Pair ”.

To see if everything was done correctly, click on configuration ( gear icon next to the clock code ) and check that the options, CallsMedia audio, and Contact sharing are all checked. Click “ Ok ” to confirm. To disable it, uncheck the options in the app or disable it on the smartwatch.