move the Xiaomi address book to Google Contacts

If you intend to change your smartphone, to share all your contacts with others, or simply to have them synchronized anytime and anywhere, it can be very useful to move those stored in the address book of your Xiaomi on Google Contacts, then on the cloud. This allows, in the event of accidents involving the smartphone or in the absence of the same, to access all contacts simply by logging into your Google account. In this guide, we see how to transfer the Xiaomi address book to Google Contacts step by step.

Install Google Contacts

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First, in case it is not already available on your device, you need to download Google Contacts directly from the Play Store. It won’t take long, the app is quite light.

Export the address book from the Xiaomi contacts app

First, you need to export the data in a format file that can be read by Google Contacts. Doing so is very simple. It only takes a few steps:

  • open the Xiaomi Contacts app
  • push the three dots at the top right and select Import / Export
  • select Export to USB memory and confirm

Import the address book into the Google Contacts app

The steps for importing contacts into the Google Contacts app are just as simple and quick. It is only necessary:

  • open the Google Contacts app
  • push up to the left on the three lines and then select Settings
  • in the section “Contact management” select Import
  • browse for the previously saved * .vcf file and select it

After a few seconds, depending on the speed of your network, the contacts will be available on your Google account and accessible anywhere!