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How To Motorola Moto X Play Unlock Bootloader

Motorola Moto X Play Unlock Bootloader

Pre Requirements



After installing everything and save your data.

Put your device in fastboot mode (power off, then press the power and volume down buttons At the same time).

Go where you installed the ADB, the folder where the files Hold Shift and right click and press Open command window here

Connect the phone to your PC

Type this in the CMD prompt window – fastboot oem get_unlock_data

You will get a return sequence. Copy it. [Right-click, select the text by pressing the shift-key Now press Ctrl + C to copy]

Paste all lines together in a notepad. Remove the empty spaces

Now go to the Motorola .Sign using your Google account or Motorola ID. Scroll down the page and paste the copied string

Then click on ‘My device is unlocked?’ After a button “KEY unlock request” appears at the bottom of the page.

To get your unlock key, select the “Accept” option. Note: You will receive an email with your unlock key to the email address you used to get there.

Important – Copy the key 20 characters that Motorola sent by e-mail. Make sure your device is connected.

Then type in CMD: fastboot devices (To check the device is connected)

Then type: fastboot oem unlock “code you received by email”

Then hit enter and the unlocking process should start. Wait for a while and soon you will see the message “unlocked bootloader ‘on your Moto E.

To re-lock the bootloader:

Go to Fastboot and give the “fastboot oem lock”



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