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How to listen to Apple Music on a Windows PC

Apple Music is a subscription music streaming service that allows you to listen to songs from the Apple catalog. By subscribing you can listen to your content at any time from an Apple device such as Mac, iPhone, or iPad, or a Windows PC. If you want to listen to Apple Music on a Windows PC there are two methods you can use and we will explain them to you in this article!

Use Apple Music Web Player

Apple created Apple Music Web Player, a web-based music player with an iTunes-like interface where you can run the Music app in your browser. To use it simply open your favorite browser and visit the site music.apple.com to enter the portal. Once the site is loaded, click on the “Log in” button and here you can log in using your information Apple account, or you can create one.

listen to Apple Music on a Windows PC

At this point, it could be that, for security reasons, Apple requires you to authenticate your access with a code that it will send you on one of your devices. After logging in, you can browse the library of songs present and play music just like you would with iTunes or Apple’s Music app. When you have finished listening, we recommend that you add this site to your favorites so the next time you want to access it, just click on the bookmark to go back to where you left off. This solution is perfect for those who want to listen to Apple Music from a PC Windows, but remember that the Music web player also works on Mac and Linux!

Install and use iTunes

You can also access the service Apple Music on a Windows PC via iTunes. On Mac Apple, computers now use the Music app, as an application to listen to music, while on Windows 10 PC iTunes is still functional software for this activity. If you have a PC and you don’t have iTunes yet, you can download it from Microsoft Store and easily install it on your device.

Install and use iTunes

Once the app is installed, open “iTunes” and select Account> Sign in. Once logged in, you will be able to manage your music library iCloud and your Apple Music subscription too. To listen to Apple Music songs, just do a simple search or click “Browse”.

So, once you have selected the artist or song on the Apple Music service you can listen to the music instantly as it will be streamed to iTunes directly from the Internet, without the need for a download. Remember that iTunes on Windows PC also allows you to listen to the Apple Music radio which features three world-class radio stations and a collection of stations based on different musical genres.

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