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How to install the RARBG addon on Stremio: step by step guide

RARBG addon

If you want to watch movies, series, and even television channels for free, Stremio is one of the most recommended apps today. However, you should know that just downloading Stremio is not enough to access free content. You need to install third-party plugins, better known as add-ons. There are many that you can install, but the two best currently are Torrentio and RARBG.

Previously, we taught you how to install Torrentio on Stremio, so this time we will take the time to explain how to install RARBG on Stremio. That way, you can access a huge catalog of movies and series from this application at no cost.


What is RARBG and what it offers

RARBG is a website for downloading torrents that is very famous among movie and series buffs, as it is mainly used to share and exchange both movies and series. Although this website officially closed in 2023, it lives on through the video streaming addon of the same name that allows you to access a vast catalog of torrents from Stremio.

The Stremio RARBG addon is capable of playing high-quality movies and TV shows using different sources (mainly torrent files and magnet links). We will explain how to install it below.

Steps to install RARBG on Stremio

The steps to install the RARBG addon in Stremio are very simple, although they vary slightly if you are on a mobile or a computer. But don’t worry, because we will immediately explain the installation procedure step by step on both platforms.

Of course, first of all, you should know that the RARBG addon has been removed from Stremio, but there is still a way to install it. You have to search for it with another name, as we explain below.

From the phone

From the phone

  • Open the Stremio app .
  • Go to the Plugins / Addons section (press the puzzle icon at the bottom).
  • If there’s a tab that says “Official,” tap it and select Community.
  • Now, use the search engine at the top to search for “ ThePirateBay+ ” (without quotes).
  • You will see the addon of the same name in the results list. Tap Install to have the entire RARBG addon catalog on your mobile.

From the computer

From the computer

  • First of all, make sure you have Stremio installed and open on your PC.
  • Next, go to this link, click on the Install button, and finally click on Open stremio.exe.
  • Go to Stremio and tap Install in the ThePirateBay+ window that will have opened.

Ready! In this way, you will have installed the ThePirateBay+ addon in Stremio, which is practically the same as RARBG because it has the same torrent database as said addon.

We remind you that the RARBG addon was removed from Stremio last year, which is why if you search for it from the application with the name “RAR” or “RARBG” nothing will appear.


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