How To install the Android 11 Developer Preview on Google Pixels

Android 11 begins to be available through the first developer previews with which you can test the first news and get an idea of ​​what will await us in the next stable version of the green robot. In this guide, we will show you how to install this version on a Google Pixel smartphone.

How To install the Android 11 Developer Preview on Google Pixels

First We remind you that the process deletes the data stored on your smartphone, therefore proceed to perform a backup if you deem it necessary.

To install the Android 11 developer preview on your Google Pixel, you must:

  • First get the OTA file of the new preview version, through the dedicated websitethe compatible devices are Google Pixel 2 / XL, Pixel 3 / XL, Pixel 3a / XL, and Pixel 4 / XL;
  • Unlock the  Developer Options by going  to Settings> About the phone  and tapping on the build number until the confirmation message regarding the enabling appears;
  • Now go on  I Settings> System> Advanced> Developer options  and activate USB debugging ;
  • Now put the phone in recovery mode, completely turning off the device and simultaneously holding the power button and VOL – ;
  • Now touch the power button and in the displayed options scroll through the volume rocker until you find recovery mode, confirming with the power button;

Android 11 Developer Preview on Google Pixels

  • Now press the power button and VOL + simultaneously for one second to access the recovery mode completely, as soon as the buttons are released;
  • Always using the volume rocker, scroll down to select the Apply update from ADB option with the power button. You will see an empty screen with text at the bottom;
  • Download ADB, extract the content into a folder on the desktop, for easy and convenient access and then connect your Google Pixel to the PC;
  • Now sideload the OTA file related to the dev preview of Android 11 downloaded previously. Open a prompt window in the ADB folder, writing cmd in the address bar and confirming with entering;
  • Then enter the name of the downloaded OTA file in .zip format, pressing Enter to start the procedure, you will then see dialog boxes both on the PC and on the smartphone, which will show the sideload and installation process;

After the installation of the OTA file is complete, the device will return to recovery mode. Now select the Reboot Now option using the power button, so you can restart the device and try the new version of the developer preview.

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